0C77B8ED-AA6A-4E87-9CAB-943A6EBBE3F2The Beholder’s Eye is the best test for Art…great art is so many things, it’s hard to pin down- The way Fabric is stretched across a bright Blue Sky or tied upon a Shoulder- DF9A64B6-4481-4C3B-B3A3-9F83539AA546

A School of Bright Fishes or a Fantasy of Wishes- B1368F01-92D9-4879-8440-A4BF34E5FF92

An Aardvark or an Avatar- well- that’s certainly something only a discerning Beholder’s Eye knows is Art… C8D2D65E-7443-4112-82AF-676E1231868E

A Poster, a Print or Prose… yes I think I’d pick some of those, but then again putting words together pleasantly is an Art Form to me. B4AA0D2B-263E-4CC0-8A2B-068F89D7BF25

No one can deny an Animal Print looks far better worn by a Zebra than a Turtleneck on a Giraffe. Who wouldn’t be charmed by a Photograph of the time an Elephant crossed the road?


The many ways Light plays upon the Water- Magical Reflections or artfully rushes in several directions…


Is it Fire, a  Jeweled Crown, a Horse captured in sculptured metal- A Mural-ed Wall or Architecture?



Or surely it’s the Pleated Palm Leaves and a Flower Bed.



Mr. Disney’s Parks are a sensory overload of Magic, Music and Days. If Disney’s Art in the Parks were a Dance Studio- it would be a blend of Tap, Jazz, Soft Shoe, Waltzing Ballroom Dancers- ending with Marching Bands and Ballerinas followed by Fireworks and Classical Music – a Dance of Art, Talent and Reality laced with a heavy dose of Imagination… I suppose that Art really is a blend of expressions and impressions. If you can:

  • Rest your Eyes from the Soaring Sights-
  • Refrain from the Heart Racing Excitement of crowds…
  • the Culinary Wonders and Flubs,
  • the Snagging of Fast Passes,
  • the Overload of Winding Lines, Strollers and
  • Walking Miles and Miles…

68719AC4-3352-4BB7-A0B8-C7AD1382E95APause occasionally and Contemplate with your own Beholder’s Eye the Art of the Parks…

Love y’all, Camellia

D8C828F2-C078-4502-8559-DDD60B6FC4FB*All photographs obviously taken by me- in Orlando, Florida


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