Okay, maybe. Yet, I don’t think so! I think having Giveaways all year round work! I’m preparing a March Madness Giveaway starting next week! I’ll tell you more about it, but first…let me tell you a bit about Giveaways for your own business.

Giveaways have always been a good marketing idea. Why? Folks love Free Stuff. Folks love Free Samples. Folks love the Idea of Winning Things. Free Gift with Purchase? Still works. Buy One Get One, yep, that too. I love all of that myself!

So many successful business owners started out Building their Brands giving away their products or services. Just in the last few weeks, I’ve read about relatively new businesses which over and over again said something like this:

‘We gave lots of our products away in the beginning and still do to boost Brand Awareness.’

Why would they do this? They want and need Reviews. They want and need Suggestions for how to make their products better. They know that these new folks will often share the news with their friends. Brand Recognition is always a smart thing to do!

Even, as their business grows. Successful Businesses do some type of Giveaways. Why? They want and need to Create a Buzz, by Attracting New Audiences, Reaching more Viewers. Giveaways do this almost immediately. These new audiences who participate in Giveaways are more likely to become customers in the Future. That’s what the experts call- Brand Loyalty. Are you convinced? I hope so. In the next blog post, I’ll share my best advice on how to run a Giveaway…

Here’s my March Madness Giveaway! *and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with basketball! I’ve done giveaways for decades when I worked in Retail for 30+ years! I’ve done Giveaways since I published my online course last year. I started with a belief in what I could share with others. I also began with the commitment to give away my course from time to time, for all the reasons above but mostly because the idea was born during the pandemic when folks were in danger of losing their businesses or jobs.

So! Here’s what’s in the March Madness Giveaway!

  • 5 Complete Course Giveaways! Value? Almost $200 each!
  • 4 Instagram Grid Upgrade Suggestions- *this is your Virtual Shop Window!
  • 3 Instagram Bio Upgrade Suggestions- *this is your worldwide Business Card!
  • 2 One on One Coaching Sessions with me- *a $75 value each
  • 1 Grand Prize- This is a Complete Course with the Choice of a Coaching Call or Both the Grid Upgrade and Bio Upgrade

And, I’m not leaving out those folks who have already gone through my online course- ‘Be Unforgettable- Beginner’s Guide to Visual Marketing’ – they can notify they’ve taken the course and they will automatically be entered for a Grid or Bio Upgrade or to Be Featured in the updates I’m doing to the Course! There may be more prizes – hopefully for anyone who enters! Stay tuned…

So how do you enter: https://skilled-author-7671.ck.page/74d4fe914d Sign up for My Newsletter! That’s the only entry required! Folks already on the list will be entrants and the Winners will be announced through the Newsletter too! I hope you’ll take me up on this.

That’s It! The Giveaway begins March 20, 2023 and ends March 30, 2023! So I hope you’ll sign up and get All the Details!

And, Good Luck on your own Giveaways- coming up next blog post will be How to Run a Successful Giveaway!

As always, love y’all, Brenda

That’s It! *not sure how those big blocks got there ๐Ÿ™‚

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