Art in the Parks…

0C77B8ED-AA6A-4E87-9CAB-943A6EBBE3F2The Beholder’s Eye is the best test for Art…great art is so many things, it’s hard to pin down- The way Fabric is stretched across a bright Blue Sky or tied upon a Shoulder- DF9A64B6-4481-4C3B-B3A3-9F83539AA546

A School of Bright Fishes or a Fantasy of Wishes- B1368F01-92D9-4879-8440-A4BF34E5FF92

An Aardvark or an Avatar- well- that’s certainly something only a discerning Beholder’s Eye knows is Art… C8D2D65E-7443-4112-82AF-676E1231868E

A Poster, a Print or Prose… yes I think I’d pick some of those, but then again putting words together pleasantly is an Art Form to me. B4AA0D2B-263E-4CC0-8A2B-068F89D7BF25

No one can deny an Animal Print looks far better worn by a Zebra than a Turtleneck on a Giraffe. Who wouldn’t be charmed by a Photograph of the time an Elephant crossed the road?


The many ways Light plays upon the Water- Magical Reflections or artfully rushes in several directions…


Is it Fire, a  Jeweled Crown, a Horse captured in sculptured metal- A Mural-ed Wall or Architecture?



Or surely it’s the Pleated Palm Leaves and a Flower Bed.



Mr. Disney’s Parks are a sensory overload of Magic, Music and Days. If Disney’s Art in the Parks were a Dance Studio- it would be a blend of Tap, Jazz, Soft Shoe, Waltzing Ballroom Dancers- ending with Marching Bands and Ballerinas followed by Fireworks and Classical Music – a Dance of Art, Talent and Reality laced with a heavy dose of Imagination… I suppose that Art really is a blend of expressions and impressions. If you can:

  • Rest your Eyes from the Soaring Sights-
  • Refrain from the Heart Racing Excitement of crowds…
  • the Culinary Wonders and Flubs,
  • the Snagging of Fast Passes,
  • the Overload of Winding Lines, Strollers and
  • Walking Miles and Miles…

68719AC4-3352-4BB7-A0B8-C7AD1382E95APause occasionally and Contemplate with your own Beholder’s Eye the Art of the Parks…

Love y’all, Camellia

D8C828F2-C078-4502-8559-DDD60B6FC4FB*All photographs obviously taken by me- in Orlando, Florida


Earth Day…

There was a time when glass bottles were saved, returned or reused. The earth was better for it. My extremely talented friends, Steve and Sally Smith are helping our earth by repurposing and photographing reclaimed glass and other found objects. Steve uses old glass as his medium to create everything from wind chimes to major art pieces. His wife Sally takes astounding photographs! Sally sent me these photographs of old glass bottles which had me thinking of the individual beauty in each single photograph, yet what would happen if they were clustered together in a collage?

There are messages in these bottles of long ago. When were they made and why, what were they used for and further were they collected or saved? This collage of old bottles has an haunting beauty, which to me proves the truth of what Henry David Thoreau said –

‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.’

Steve and Sally Smith of Camp Creek Creations exhibit their beautiful work near and far. This weekend they will be at the Magic City Art Show in Birmingham, Alabama. If you can’t make it, please visit their website – or follow them on Facebook.  And while you’re at it, take a look at Sally’s book- called ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’-imageBefore Earth Day draws to a close, let us be thankful for the beauty of the earth, and like Sally and Steve, do our part to keep it beautiful for generations to come.

Love y’all, Camellia

Fairy Tales…

‘Can come true…it can happen to you.’

We’ve had carpenters and workers here off and on since before Easter- workin’ on the screen porch, we had to replace our front door and have the back deck redone. Meanwhile, Spring had a head start and was just showing out! Everything was in bud or bloomin’ – color everywhere! The Azaleas were showing out in their bright pink dresses, the Dogwoods dollin’ up in all that green and white eyelet, Daffodils had paraded around in their yellow tutus and Fern and Frond were unfurling in every shade of green…honestly it looked like a Fairy Godmother was waving her wand…then I saw a blog post…a photographer  had run up on something… It made me think I needed to check around…

‘If you’re young at heart’…

My goodness! I found what I believe are Fairy doorways! The photographer had found one in a public park and here they were poppin’ up at Camellia’ Cottage! I knew I had heard rustling and hammer tapping after the carpenters had gone… I thought -surely not…and then that song kept running through my mind-

‘for as rich as you are, it’s much better by far-to be young at heart…and here is the best part- you’ll have a head start…’

This morning I found 3 more! And here IS the best part! I did some re-search y’all and I think most of them have been identified! The bright pink among the wood violets has to be Wood Nymphs! You know that yellow one belongs to the Tooth Fairy- look at that shape! I have a sneaking suspicion that violet door is Tinkerbell, what do you think? I’m thinkin’ there’s some Sugar Plum Fairies where those sugar plums are! So…that left the bright blue door and what’s behind the green door?  Well I’ll tell you what I think- none other than The Fairy Godmother is behind that blue one…she would be discreet, taking a daytime nap. So,that leaves the strange green door…I think he sneaked up here from Montgomery ( probably caused all that trouble!)-escaped  from the Shakespeare Theatre…and it’s none other than old Robin Goodfellow! He’s probably worn out from that Midsummer Night’s Dream! I’m sure he’s not leaving the South though…I mean, where else would he want to retire? Go ahead y’all… You never know what you’ll run up on- ‘if you are among- the very young at heart!’

Love y’all, Camellia

‘A Fairy Door in the Woods’ by