My Newsletter went out this week, lots of marketing and social media advice. If you haven’t signed up and you’re a writer, creator, artist or small business or a dreamer who’s thinking about it, I’d love to have you there! The first thing we talked about was the Super Bowl! Yep. I’m pitiful when it comes to understanding the rules of football, but I sit up and take notice of the Ads!

Let’s get down to the marketing part of the Super Bowl. Research has shown that last year’s 30 second Super Bowl ads cost an average of $7 million each! And from working in Retail, I can tell you that $7million that Big Brands spent doesn’t include the production of the Ad! Think of it! For a mere 30 seconds, albeit a highly rated and viewed event, that’s an amazing amount of money! Last year’s Super Bowl was said to be viewed by 112 million people!

Still. In contrast, there are Social Media Brands that generate of 350 million views! I know most of us don’t generate that kind of audience. I sure don’t. Yet, the good news here is that

Big Brands are rethinking where and how to spend their Ad dollars. Big Brands are looking for:

  • UGC– that’s user generated content. I know I had to look up when I first saw it!
  • They are looking for Reviews they can use- which can add to your audience views too!
  • Big Brands are also looking for folks who have an Engaged Audience, not necessarily a sizeable audience.
  • Big Brands will also connect with some folks who will do Sponsored Posts.
  • And, they will often use Brand Ambassadors! These are folks who work with them on contract.

All of those types will get exposure for their own sites. Quite often they will offer to provide you with a product for doing a Sponsored Post. This is the most common. If you have a highly Engaged Audience (yes, they notice!) They may offer you a paid Sponsorship. For this: Some brands like food photographers, food stylists, even Lifestyle stylists and photographers the same thing. And let’s not forget Travel Bloggers with a Social Media component. Paid or Product is generally the compensation offered.

I personally don’t use sponsored posts, though I have in the past. I also don’t allow ads on my site. Why? Essentially, there’s no control of the advertisement and I just didn’t think ads for ‘Fatty Liver Disease was appropriate with a Recipe! Another thing, it’s never paid enough. Some folks really work this angle and my hat is certainly off to them! Here’s what I can tell you for sure! Agencies are looking for folks just like you! When my blog focused mainly on Lifestyle, I was contacted by a New York Ad Agency– yes! I checked them out and so should you! I spoke with a very nice lady too. The agency asked me to do sponsored posts for a Stationary Company- it was a product for post agreement. I did a few and honestly? At first it was worth it because I use paper stationary thank you very much! They transitioned to an Online Only Stationary Business and I just wasn’t interested in that. It was a wonderful company, just didn’t fit in with what I use.

Then, this same ad agency contacted me about sponsorship for using a plug in for Recipes- this would generate a grocery list for the Name Brand Products I used in the recipes. I tried that as well, because there were some significant Name Brand businesses who were doing it too. Honestly? The plugin cost about $99 to use on this platform, ultimately it just wasn’t worth the cost and revenue for my particular audience. That doesn’t mean it won’t be for you! It was very flattering yet also a bit too much trouble to do every. single. time.

I say try out brand sponsorships and see if they work for you! Here’s an interesting side note- I posted a photo of Camellia’s Cheese Straws from my blog to Instagram. I received a Direct Message from a major Brand asking if they could use that photo. I agreed. There was No compensation. There was exposure and that company location in Los Angeles still follows my account. That! was definitely worth the exposure for me! Still is, as a matter of fact.

Okay, that was my experience 4-5 years ago. Now? The trend is continuing in an even bigger way! If this is something you’d be interested in exploring- you may want to check it out. How? Do a post and give the Name or Social Media Handle or Product Link, you never know- they may like what they see and love your posts. Make sure those posts are Unforgettable. (I can teach you how) Some also do what’s called Media Kits and approach brands that way too. Just make sure what you’re doing is absolutely gorgeous and absolutely does make their products look amazing!

Being a Brand Ambassador Depends on What you Do.

One Big Social Media Brand- they are Marketing Coaches yet there is also an element of Wellness in what they do.. They say they receive Passive Income from sponsored product-based brands too. They aren’t salesy about it at all. Mainly, they just show a short video opening the box of products! Yes, that’s All. This company considers being Brand Ambassadors is a ‘white space‘ that has opened up in the marketplace. Why? simply this: Big Businesses know where the audiences are, they know that…let’s say- Super Bowl sized ad budgets don’t go as far toward real authentic sponsored posts by even smallish social media influencers when it comes to promoting their products or services.

This Marketing Trend is good news for small to medium size social media sites- small businesses, coaches, product or digital based businesses.

Why? Well, Big Business knows these folks have truly engaged people who read and listen. Also, folks are weary of doing business with Big Brands that don’t always have good customer service. Today’s marketing trends toward the consumer actually Knowing, Liking and Trusting small businesses. Consumers want Real Connections! If that’ You, remember this- you must treat Social Media for what it is. Social. You must treat folks like you’d want to be treated. Work on that Know. Like. Trust factor. Become a Trusted Resource. Show up as You. Show your workspace, your hobbies, your process. And the best Tool you have? is You. Unforgettable You! Happy Valentine’s Day! and don’t forget..

Love y’all, Brenda

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