DCAF6AD6-099C-43C6-9695-6A9A625F6DB1Known as ‘The Southern Rose’ … the Camellia grows very well in our climate. Around old home places and in botanical gardens, you will almost always find Camellias- I love them. They bloom in late January, February and on into March when almost nothing else is in bloom. In the language of flowers, Camellias are the epitome of enduring love. Most flowers shed the blossom petals first and then the center is left to fruit or to fall later; not so with Camellias- it blooms and then falls intact, unseparated by age or demise.

348EC34B-4A6B-4662-9D3D-F64072D783F5Asians considered the Camellia an appropriate wedding flower- in part because of the union of petals and calyx, which remain together for the lifetime of the blossom. The base of a Camellia is a fading but beautiful reminder of enduring love. The Colors of Camellias range from Deep Red to Pink to White with multitudes of hybrids in between.

  • Red is symbolic of love and passion,
  • White for eternal love and
  • Pink for a longing for one who is missed.

An evergreen plant with beautiful glossy leaves, it looks good year round. Camellias seem particularly suited to this year of the Winter Games in South Korea. Koreans consider Camellias as a symbol of faithfulness and longevity. Alabama’s State Flower is the Camellia, generally considered as a Red Japonica- and almost always considered The Southern Rose– since many cultivars of roses are more difficult to grow.

BB986053-2EBF-48F7-A4BB-DEAA976AA459Coco Chanel, the great fashion designer preferred Camellias to all others and used them in her iconic designs. Here, at Camellia’s Cottage, our Red Japonica Camellia is putting on a show. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t resist…

C5CCE609-5179-4CC4-B108-C8035B8D1B48If you are looking for a gift plant (hint: would be great for Valentine’s- give an IOU if you’ve forgotten!), a great housewarming gift, a bereavement plant or if you are planning your own garden- Camellias are always and forever, a sweet romantic addition. I hope you enjoy our very own Southern Rose!

Love y’all, Camellia

*All photographs are obviously mine. They taken early this morning, in which the light seemed to change the blossom color!7B1DC8E0-F5D6-4BFA-A61F-980BB6CAEA18

5 thoughts on “The Southern Rose…

    1. So astute! Yes! For several reasons, they bloom when they aren’t supposed to- I’m trying to as well- they represent our state in a good way,I hope to also! They grow and bloom in this climate- hmm the heat, humidity and mostly acid soil…need I say more! Thanks for your comments! I needed to add that!


  1. These are beautiful. The camellias here are even blooming, even with the fret of frosts periodically. It’s beautiful to see though amongst all the ‘sticks’ of trees.

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