88BC61EA-42D0-4883-B449-F41012599B9EMagnolia scented Moonlight…

633AC820-1847-4301-B661-EDFD31E891C5Starry Southern Nights…

Orange Beach, Alabama

Moonrise tugging on the tide…

05733021-C4EF-4338-BEE5-32DA84D079F3Or peeping thru Pillow-y Clouds…

Alabama Full Moon

A big full Moon hanging, on a pitch black sky…

3B137700-D079-4228-9756-CD410CB4DB41Twinkling Blinking Star Lights-

633AC820-1847-4301-B661-EDFD31E891C5Wishing us Good Night!

When we consider all, the work God’s Hands have made.. And see the stars– we can’t help but be- in awesome wonder! And, must proclaim- ‘My God, how great Thou Art!’

Our Heavenly Father, seems to have endowed ‘Alabama the Beautiful’ with an extra measure of beauty- day or night! The ‘Night Skies’ photographs were taken by our very own Star! The Award Winning Jeremy Miniard! Camellia’s Cottage has been blessed to have Jeremy as an enthusiastic part of our team for almost two years! Since January brought not one but two glorious full moons and several stunning star filled nights- I asked Jeremy for a collection of Alabama moon and stars and- as you can see- he never disappoints! The struggle is coming up with words when his images speak volumes. Enjoy!

Love y’all, Camellia

*Words from the first part of the last paragraph are obviously a play on the iconic hymn- ‘How Great Thou Art!’ by Stuart K. Hine

*Stay tuned for more about Jeremy’s awards, we are thrilled for him! The photographs contained within are the sole property of Jeremy Miniard and are used with permission. Find him at jeremy-miniard.fineartamerica.com

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