30966989-F009-458C-A820-7951995A564BAn enormous crowd … people from many nations were gathered…young and old…friends and families waiting in peaceful anticipation as- 015697A6-E8CC-494B-8D8E-34D6C8F599C9

A glorious display of fireworks began…intertwined with music and a chorus of voices singing…D498C228-B22F-4BD8-97CD-3D60E81A2CA1

‘Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me. 015697A6-E8CC-494B-8D8E-34D6C8F599C9

Let there be peace on Earth, The peace that was meant to be. 5095ADCF-32FC-42B2-B5DA-7AADDC256CDB

With God as our Father- Brothers all are we. Let us walk with each other in perfect harmony! EA3E422F-91E4-4F4E-9E4F-F85651A32AC0

Let peace begin with me, Let this be the moment now. With every step I take, Let this be my solemn vow: To take each moment and live each moment- In peace eternally. 6969BF50-E9C9-4182-859B-F6BDF777E04C

Let there be peace on earth, And let it begin with me!’32B64D7B-4649-4CEC-8F28-9B2423FB4715

The night sky was filled with points of light- bright white fireworks, the crowd quietly exclaimed. Some, like me- shed a few tears… As the beautifully illuminated faces of children of all ages…

B165CDF6-D653-45C1-8651-CDE950B7BF28For one brief shining moment stood in perfect harmony. A perfect celebration of the Prince of Peace. And so, I wish you all, a Happy New Year, filled with Peace and Harmony.

Love y’all, CamelliaE1BBA3F9-ADA9-4E09-9F46-8992E872C73F

*Fireworks Display from the Holiday IllumiNations held at Epcot – Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida. The song, Let there be Peace on Earth, was written for the International Children’s Choir in 1955 by Jill Jackson-Miller and Sy Miller. Copyright rules may apply. Photographs obviously taken by me.67EFC5DB-5BDA-4FA4-A81B-55AA1875AE3A

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