O Lord our God,

For many the holiday season brings an extra measure of darkness. Some wander quietly through catacombs recalling precious memories of loved ones now gone from this earth. For some hushed voices in dim hospital rooms bear dire diagnoses. Others are dogged with broken dreams, nagging problems and bear daily struggles…trudging through with hopelessness and despair.

For these we pray to the Light of the World, Who came to earth under cover of a dark womb; Who was born on a dark night, Whose Birth Announcement shone forth on darkened fields to shepherds guarding their flocks by night. How thankful we are that You chose to enter into the human experience of dark days.

Will You once again fling out the stars, bring hope and heavenly hosts bursting forth with songs only angels dare to sing? Will You give us clear direction on how to find the Babe wrapped not in Royal Robes, but in the warmth and security of earthbound swaddled clothes. Bring to us Wise Men bearing the richest gifts of all- that of worshipping the Truth, the Life, the Savior of Mankind.

May we become as the gentle stable creatures who offered quiet constant solace to others. Grant to us a new awareness of Your Abiding Love- which never ends, never forsakes in our darkest hours. Shine forth in all of Your Glory and bring Peace to troubled hearts.

May our own kindness and goodwill toward men continue well into the coming year ahead for troubles do not always end as the holiday season passed. In the midst of our human darkness, may angel songs shine forth. In the Name of Jesus, Who dared to come to earth as a Tiny Babe on a dark night, we make our Christmas Prayer.  Amen and Hallelujah!

With Warm Wishes for Abundant Blessings in the New Year and a very Merry Christmas!

Love y’all, Camellia

*This prayer has been edited from one written December 23, 2104; Wreath signifying His Evergreen Fragrant Love, was photographed at Camellia’s Cottage.

10 thoughts on “A Christmas Prayer…

  1. Blessings to those who are with us, and blessings for those who have walked on. Hoping everyone has a warm hug and good friends and family to sustain them this Christmas season.

    Think of those who don’t, and ask what we can do to make their lives better. It is what He came to tell us.

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