If you live in the Lower South, an honest to goodness Snow Day is as scarce as hen’s teeth… especially in December, more especially this close to Christmas!  We’re more apt to have weather reports that hint at – A Light Frost, Possible Snow Flurries or A Light Dusting of Snow in low lying areas than the real thing. A Snow Day is rare and beautiful.


For one magical day- it snowed all day- silently steadily covering Boxwoods, which looked like big frosted cupcakes.


Garden chairs had icy white down cushions. Roses glittered, magnolia leaves bowed under the weight, holly berries peaked out and even decorated a cake!


Camellias seemed even more beautiful under frosted green leaves. A sassy Garden Statuary showed off her White Pill Box Hat! 85C923D5-BA84-4A02-A62D-1F1605DDF93F

Trees took on an haunting beauty…


Serene Garden scenes…


Cozy Snacks by Firelight appeared in beautiful array…

A8C15BFB-7BC5-45B8-A6DA-D34B15C19815A Snow Day.  Time to pause amid other ordinary days or like this Snow Day among extraordinarily busy holidays!

Only one Snow Day… yet enough to leave behind magical gleaming memories…7509D960-330C-443B-9B02-2FA5F6618E35

Love y’all, Camellia

*Photographs were shared by the Camellia’s Cottage Community- others are obviously mine. 6F441F2C-ABA3-48DA-B1FE-0E76B07D7BA2

15 thoughts on “Snow Day!

    1. Our Snow lasted one day- by afternoon today roads were clear, sun was shining, but all day Friday, the most beautiful quiet snow fell all day…truly unique, beautiful and rare..we never lost utilities though some did for a short period of time…hard to believe but the roses are perked up, even begonias and of course the camellias don’t mind cooler weather! Thanks Jane ! Xoxo 💕


  1. This winter storm is one of the worst in the South in more than 35 years. My granddaughter has been working at the Mt. Mitchell State Park in North Carolina. The highest point east of the Rockies.

    They get arctic conditions every year. Winds often exceed 50-90 MPH. Below zero temps, with wind chills in the negative double digits. She wears a military specification parka made for the arctic. She sent several pictures taken just as their current snow started.

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  2. We had the same in Mississippi. Even though I had to work, it was an absolutely enchanting drive. I don’t know when I’ve ever seen our landscape look more beautiful.

    Your pictures were gorgeous. Glad you enjoyed our early southern Christmas present!

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  3. You got snow before we did (here in the northeast). Our first snow fell yesterday. Predictions started at a covering to an 1″, then 1″ to 3″. “They say” we got 7″ but in our neighborhood it looks more like 3″. Very pretty (as the first one always is) and seasonal. This morning I was out for coffee and saw our local mall is hopping. There is nothing like snow to kick up the holiday spirit. Your pictures are beautiful and I hope it didn’t affect the beautiful flowers.

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    1. Thank you Kate! So interesting to get snow this time of year! We’re more used to an early spring snow IF we ever get one! The flowers for the most part seem to have bounced back ! Though if temps remain in the low 30s probably not! 💕

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