Rivaled only by Biscuits, Cornbread is the classic Southern Comfort Food. Make a pan of Iron Skillet Cornbread and somehow the day gets better; it’s one of the basic joys of Southern cooking. Served alongside Homemade Soup, Chicken and Dumplings, even a Vegetable Plate of Crowder Peas, Coleslaw, Stewed Summer Squash and Onions, and fresh Sliced Tomatoes, Iron Skillet Cornbread is always welcome. Now, I would never encourage anyone to use a Cornbread recipe that calls for sugar in the Batter- however, for Breakfast or Brunch, try drizzling hot Cornbread with:

  • Yellow Label Syrup®
  • Local Honey or
  • Orange Marmalade

Oh my goodness! You don’t need another thing! Honestly, Cornbread is good at any meal- though most of us forget how good it is for Breakfast or Brunch. My grandmother is the only person I’ve ever known to elevate humble Cornbread with Orange Marmalade but it also adds an amazing flavor.  Here’s how you do it- keep that Iron Skillet seasoned by cooking Bacon in it regularly! Heat Bacon Fat in an Iron Skillet in a hot oven. Meanwhile stir together Self Rising Cornmeal, a couple of eggs and milk- when the Iron Skillet is hot- pour some of the sizzlin’ Bacon Fat into the Cornbread Mixture; Stir carefully, then pour the seasoned batter back into the Iron Skillet and bake in a hot oven. What you’re looking for is a Crisp Crust and a Moist Crumb on the inside. Sizzling hot from the oven, slather with butter- for a real treat, drizzle with something sweet and sticky!

Love y’all, Camellia

* A wonderful resource for cornbread recipes is Southern Living magazine;  the recipes on bags of Self Rising Cornmeal are good also.  If you can’t find Self Rising Cornmeal in your local store, it can be ordered online. *Photograph of Cornbread drizzled with Yellow Label® Syrup- made right here in Alabama- is mine.

26 thoughts on “Iron Skillet Cornbread…

  1. I cannot imagine making cornbread in anything but a cast iron skillet. Most recipes call for preheating the skillet, often to about 400º, by placing the skillet in the oven for seven or so minutes.

    It is far more efficient in terms of both time and energy, to put the skillet in the oven, THEN turn the oven on. The skillet heats as the oven comes to temperature. When the oven is hot, so is the skillet.

    All that is left is to pour in the batter and wait, impatiently, for the golden goodness.

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  2. Cornbread in a cast iron skillet is the only cornbread to eat! I like your recipe about heating bacon fat and then pouring it into the cornbread mixture. Seems like it would add so much flavor! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I’ve never heard of yellow label syrup — must be a southern thing — but us yankees like maple syrup on our corn bread…and baked in a cast iron skillet, of course!
    p.s. I don’t like sweet corn bread either, but I do sometimes put in a teaspoon of honey in the batter.

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