Sanctuary:  sanc-tu-ar-y’ 1. Place of refuge, safety, shelter 2. a nature reserve, park,  forest 3. a holy place, sacred place, church, temple, shrine. Latin:  ‘sanct’:-sacred /’arium’- a container. That quiet calm refuge which holds our sacred treasure is most descriptive of sanctuary.

Our Sunday Inspiration begins with a quote from chapter 28 of ‘Four Days- the Lazarus Principle’ :

‘Noise can create a negative atmosphere; quiet stillness has power within our spirits. Muir Woods is a National Treasure near the San Francisco area. I recall vividly the silence of the coastal redwoods- the quiet of the massive forest was palpable- I could feel the silence. It is a sanctuary of stillness. To walk there is a meditative prayer.

We have some sanctuaries to share with you- the woodlands of Alabama, treasured sanctuaries of New York City, and Home.

‘Everybody needs beauty as well as bread. Places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.’ ‘Come to the woods, for here is rest. There is no repose like that of the deep green woods.’       quotes by naturalist- John Muir

‘I never saw a discontented tree. They grip the ground as though they liked it…They are earth born companions and our fellow mortals…join the trees in their hymns and prayers…few are altogether deaf to the preaching of pine trees…their sermons…go to our hearts…hear the trees speak for themselves.’          John Muir

Sacred Treasures of New York City

‘No synonym for God is so perfect as Beauty…’     John Muir

Sanctuary: a place of refuge, safety, shelter. Everyone needs shelter, however, a house is not a home unless everyone inside is safe. Home should be the epitome of safe refuge.

Precious Lord, lead us to Your sanctuaries- be they woodland, marble or front porches. Grant to us that meditative walk, where we hear Your Voice in the stillness of the woodlands, in the hush of cathedrals or as crickets sing their happy songs beneath our shelters. How blessed we are, by Your Sacred Hands which formed the woodlands and seas, which prompted mankind to build and preserve places of worship and others who are keepers of safe homes where children play, friends are welcome and the weary return. May we never forget those who chose sacrificial duty and responsibility over rights and privileges so that we can live free in our homeland upon this earth, which spins like a blue marble through the vast star strewn universe. Ever and always we must return grateful, broken and melted down by the Cross of Christ and the Love that took Him to it. May we never forget Who bestowed upon us these beautiful earthly havens. Remind us often of our duty to act as worthy stewards- not as petulant messy children. Dress us now, in clean starched shirts and pinafores, fit for children of the King of Kings as You guide us safely through stillness to Your sanctuaries. Hear our prayers, as we seek to hear Your Voice. Amen.

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to share Camellia’s Cottage with you! We hope you find a sanctuary some place near you today-  have a blessed Lord’s Day! Now don’t forget- God loves you and…

I love y’all, Camellia


Of special note: St. Patrick’s Cathedral was opened on May 29, 1879- 137 years ago!

and Thank you to fellow blogger Snapshots in Cursive for her inspiring post ‘Gnarled Trees Speak Volumes- which inspired the shots of trees in this post! Go see the wonderful things she has been doing on her blog!

Quotes from John Muir are gleaned from The Sierra Club-

Definition of Sanctuary was gleaned from Wikipedia-

Quote from ‘Four Days- the Lazarus Principle’ by Brenda Wyatt-

Photographs are from our personal collection with the exception of the wonderful gnarled tree by still water, which is by Jeremy Miniard (the first in the second section of tree images) and cannot be reproduced without permission.

I couldn’t resist adding one more- from Santa Fe NM where we are on vacation ! Loretto Chapel- can’t wait to tell you about this sanctuary!image

12 thoughts on “Sanctuary…

  1. Quiet, serene places such as these is what keeps my sanity. A place to think, or not to think, but to forget troubles. A place to heal. A place to recharge. I love this post! Beautiful pictures!

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  2. Reblogged this on Camellia's Cottage and commented:

    A new sanctuary has been added at the end of this post- reblogged to include a slightly crooked but very interesting place, where a true miracle occurred- the peace found inside Loretta Chapel is amazing, when we return from our trip I look forward to sharing more with you, have a blessed Lord’s Day.


  3. I don’t know which is the most powerful, the trees themselves or the whole atmosphere that exists because of their presence, or the beauty of the bright green leaves and the lives that live under them. Perhaps it the whole scene that promotes the feeling of worship. Lovely photographs!


    1. oh so beautifully said! we just returned from vacation- on the last leg we went up 10,000 feet to Sandia Mountain by tram- the trees below were in varying shades of green against a backdrop of pale pink rock- and the blue gray of sage bushes-so beautiful…I could feel ‘sanctuary’ way up there…as if the trees were lifting their limbs skyward…to sky so blue it was heartbreakingly beautiful

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