Lest We Forget…

In deep abiding gratefulness for the men and women who died to secure our freedom, we honor them this Memorial Day.

 Love y’all, Camellia

*if you would like to post the name of a U.S. Soldier who died in battle so that we can honor them, please feel free to add the name to this post in a reply –

We honor our cousin Johnny Watts- U.S. Marine, age 18, died in battle three days after his arrival in Vietnam, 1969

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day…

  1. What a lovely idea. My only close relative who died in battle was my uncle Jack Matson. He died in the Pacific theater, and is buried in Manila, the Philippines.

    I like your photo, too. I’m curious: what is the other flag that you have displayed?

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  2. I love Memorial Day. Interesting thing is last week, I was searching for an honoring post that gave the fallen soldiers of this great nation a great heartfelt sincere appreciation for their advancement of our freedom and liberty. I didn’t find a post last week, but thankfully I found one today. Your post has been very rewarding!

    God bless


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