It’s National Swimsuit Day- I thought ‘ of this piece I wrote a year or so ago… and wanted to share it with you! Now, I have to tell you that we don’t say ‘Swimsuit’ in the South… we still call them bathing suits! I hope someone somewhere can relate to this one! Love y’all, Camellia

Camellia's Cottage

IMG_2498I’ve put this off for 7 years. I don’t believe in jumping in headfirst. I stuck my toe in the water yesterday-  it’s almost Open Toe Season in Alabama- I went and got a pedicure, with red polish- of course. The classic summer toenail color in the South is red,  I chose ‘Big Apple’ because truth be told I’d rather be headed to New York City than on a Beach trip where I’ll actually be expected to go in the water. Oh lord, those are scary words. Shopping for a Bathing Suit is painful, especially for a woman of a certain age and stature.  My whole demeanor, posture and bearing change in a dressing room full of bathing suits. Let me make this clear- I live in Alabama, her coastline is one of the most beautiful in all the world- I’ve been going to the beach since I was a child and love it.

However, I stopped wearing Two…

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9 thoughts on “Bathing Suits…

  1. I was hoping to recognize some of your friends in their “bathing suit pics”….
    I love every article you write. Love you!

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  2. I struggle daily with clothing. Mirrors. My bloated body. I was doing well for a while, but I did ‘backslide’. Leaning on God a lot more, I am starting to feel better about myself. I no longer care what my husband says about my breasts and belly. I know I am not perfect, but I am me!! Love your articles ❤

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    1. So proud of you Jackie ! Of course a whole lot of this is crazy humor, yet I hope in writing it- to highlight the struggles most women have with outfitting ourselves ! I think finding our comfort zone aka wearing a coverup but still enjoying the beach is the goal- to not limit ourselves if possible ! Thank you sweet friend for your comments and kind words 💕

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      1. I love your writing. I have not read in a while so I am catching up 🙂 Humorous writings of situations is a good way to express ourselves.
        I too call them bathing suits. I prefer a modest one-piece for several reasons 🙂

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