IMG_3209Maybe it’s the to and fro of the Gulf Tide that pulls us south to the Beaches of Alabama… Our hearts yearn for it. Perhaps Southern Saltwater flows in our veins; we need the Gulf’s infusion every now and then… To stand in the sea casting a line or in solitude like the ever patient Egret watching the horizon….

The ancient rhythm of the tides echo the soul’s heartbeat…. White Sugar Sands gently scrub our bare feet of ordinary workday cares…

Gulf Breezes clear our heads to dream of sandcastles again…Built in a day -Gone the next, but always worth the temporary wonder and pleasure…IMG_3210

‘Patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches. Patience and faith. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach- waiting for a gift from the sea.’

A sunrise walk. A perfect shell. Tiny Sandpipers chasing seawater- running out; scampering back on twiggy feet while the ocean plays it’s foamy game. Beaches of Alabama- the jeweled land of Royal Reds, Brown Pelicans, Crystal White Sand, Sapphire Skies and Emerald Water.

We are like Boats waiting … Rocking our silent lullabies. Tethered, waiting to be set free- to sail away to the Beaches of Alabama.

Stunning sunsets, breathtaking colors – then- gently the air, sky and water turn to shimmering priceless Twilight’s Gold….

Take a child, a sweetheart, old friends or heartache to the Beaches of Alabama- Patiently wait for the enchantment to begin…

‘Alabama just breaks my heart- it’s so pretty, it just breaks my heart into little pieces.’

Last Minute Summer Vacations may be coming to a close, yet, here in our Sweet Home Alabama- we know, the Beaches of Alabama have their own special magic- a tonic all year round. Salt Air, Sunlight and Gulf Waters- refresh, renew, heal and restore…

Love y’all, Camellia

* these stunning photographs are the sole property of Jeremy Miniard, we are thankful for his generosity in sharing them with us! Find Jeremy at * ‘Gift of the Sea’ quote- by Anne Morrow Lindbergh * ‘Alabama just breaks my heart…’ quote from ‘Mermaids in the Basement’ by Michael Lee West

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