Southerners love their Sweet Tea! I couldn’t resist updating this from last summer! One of my all time favorites to write- I laughed all over again…

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Every now and then, Sweet Tea just gets to me…at a picnic earlier this summer- I drank at least three big red Dixie cups full of it- then took a big blue Dixie cup home with me- to help me cool off in the car on the way home… I had the cup swathed in a paper napkin, to catch the drips.  It’s been so hot, I rubbed my neck with the cool damp napkin- probably had sweat beads on it.  Then, I put that blue Dixie cup on my forehead and turned the air vent full blast on me to cool me off…Picnics are fun, but hard work- fanning flies, setting out pans of food, making sure a trail of ants doesn’t wind it’s way over to the Key Lime Pie or up the side of the Coconut Cake. I thought about that beautiful teething baby running a low grade fever, her daddy was in bed with vertigo and…

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6 thoughts on “Sweet Tea…

  1. I remember Roxanne cute little thing – loved thinking about our crest wood circle & the Dixon’s Cascade plunge .. nostalgia what fun memories 🙂 love ya sweet sis

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