‘In a world that values only what is young and green, Summer reminds us that maturity and ripeness were designed to be the biggest prizes. A tomato or a melon is best eaten at it’s peak. A rosebud is lovely but incomplete. A meadow in full bloom is more beautiful than one just beginning to grow. In nature, grown ups are the leading players.’

A Rose in Full Bloom…

This lovely Summer Sentiment is about more than blooming flower gardens, lush meadows or roadside markets filled with ripe fruits and vegetables;  it is about Life itself. Being a child is wondrous, yet we must admit- Life often saves the best for last… Sunsets blaze with far more beauty than the sweet light of Dawn, being a Grown Up has it’s own rewards; like tomatoes, melons or even begonias… IMG_2727

Aging gracefully as a fragrant full blown Rose- might just be the biggest Prize of all.

Love y’all, Camellia

*the lovely quote is from Martha Stewart magazine- July 1996, author unknown  *photographs are mine, with the exception of the beautiful rose in full bloom- by our own Jeremy Miniard, right here in Alabama

6 thoughts on “Summer in Full Bloom…

  1. Love the flowers. Do you know what kind of rose that is? It looks like a Chicago Peace rose.

    Our CelticLassie loved them, and we planted two bushes the year before she died. They bloomed just as she went under hospice care, so she had a vase of them at the foot of her bed. There is something about a rose that makes everything better, just by looking at them.

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