IMG_2845Where can you find- White Sugar Sands, Blue Skies, Beautiful Waves, Gardenias, Live Oaks, Sand Dollars, Gulf Breezes and Palm Trees?

Some of the best seafood in the world, right on the Gulf of Mexico. Where can you find Paradise? IMG_2869

Right here in- My Sweet Home Alabama, which has 31 miles of amazing, powdery, almost blindingly White Sugar Sand Beaches…IMG_2864

Love y’all, Camellia

*All photographs taken by me in Orange Beach, Alabama. Most of the photographs were taken at the Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach. Feel free to share- folks usually don’t believe we have beaches like this way down south in Alabama.

24 thoughts on “The Sugar Sand Beaches of Alabama…

  1. Lovely colours and the brightness of the light reminds me a lot of the light we have here in Australia. We lived in the tropics some years ago with my husband’s air force posting. The colours and the light were the same as your beautiful Alabama beaches. Brought back lovely memories. Thank you.

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