camellia 4 jeremyLong before Spring gets into full swing… Camellias grace the South with their gorgeous blooms. The Camellia is the state flower of Alabama and rightly so, from the southernmost coastal region to the northern border, Camellias thrive. camellia 8 j

An old gardener had a prolific Camellia bush- ‘Yep, she blooms her fool head off, right in the dead of winter all the way to spring.’ I asked the secret of his Camellia- he replied- ‘Well honey, it’s where she’s planted, close to home and always facing South.’ camellia 7 jeremy

Camellias, Azaleas and Gardenias make up the distinctly feminine fragrance of the South.  Native to South China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea- Camellias are a member of the Tea family- is it any wonder we Southerners love our Sweet Tea and Camellias?camellia 10 jeremy with bug Alabama author Harper Lee put a White Camellia in a supporting role in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and CoCo Chanel elevated the White Camellia to star status as her trademark lapel pin.  camellia 2 jeremy

From glossy evergreen leaves, to tight buds and flowers that open and fall as one whole flower…Camellias are completely non-poisonous. I love this about Camellias- from bud to flower to the shedding of blooms, the Camellia’s motto would be- ‘We rise and fall as one.’ camellia 5 jeremy

Blooming from October to April, Camellias symbolize Love in all Forms, from friendship, romantic love and love of a parent for a child- also Everlasting Devotion and Perfect Unity. camellia 6 jeremy

For me, the Camellia in all of her glory represents blooming despite adversity and the ability to withstand anything with grace and beauty. camellia 3 jeremy

Love y’all, Camellia

* These beautiful photographs were taken right here in Alabama by photographer-Jeremy Miniard to whom we are indebted for his generosity and talent. Find Jeremy at *Camellia Japonica is the most common type grown in the South, there are literally 100’s of varieties- some with the distinctive ‘crown’ in the center and some doubles or single blooms. Azaleas, Gardenias and Camellias all like acidic Southern Soil and enjoy the same growing conditions- however the Camellia is generally the easiest of the three to cultivate in the South. In other regions, above Zone 8-Camellias are reliably grown indoors. The rest of the year, Camellias are a beautiful landscape shrub with dark pointed green leaves- and y’all…one of my favorite things about Camellias is soo like the South I know- Camellias produce nuts!

11 thoughts on “Camellias of Alabama…

    1. Absolutely Florence! The photographer who shared the camellia photographs did not have the names…some camellias have been in yards or gardens so long we’ve lost the names…generally we identify camellias as singles or doubles referring to the blossoms and use the terms japonica or sasanqua as a loose identification! Thank you for your insightful comments!


  1. My three most favorite flowers, Camellias, Azaleas, and of course Gardenias. I was lucky enough to grow up in the South, in Semmes, Al, and was able to enjoy these beauties. Live in OK now and these beautiful flowers are few and far between. And Mountain Laurels, as sweet as a Gardenia. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

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    1. Oh what memories! Isn’t it strange how they speak to us! Yes! Mountain Laurels! I have a large one…so sweet, and the fragrant sweet shrub..nothing like it…I could go on and on…but then again you have said it all! Thank you! Bless you! Xoxo


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