‘For everything there is a season and a season for every purpose under heaven’s canopy…’sally-smith-flowering-quince-with-snow

For valiant undaunted courage, persistent love with a magnificent obsession for life in the face of heartbreaking uncertainty as Seasons Collide…sally-smith-crocus-in-the-snow

For enduring faithfulness, unfailing civility, uncommon graciousness and transcendent hopefulness in the radiant promise of Spring…sally-smith-scilla-and-snow

‘God has made all things beautiful in His Time… ‘

Love y’all, Camellia

These beautiful photographs, which I named ‘When Seasons Collide’ were shared with me by friend and amazing Alabama photographer, Sally Smith of http://www.CampCreekCreations.com The dazzling photographs were taken as winter fumbled with life’s thin veil and the seasons of life collide.  The photographs belong to Sally and can only be used with permission. *The quotes are extracted from Eccelesiastes 3, with additional text added by Camellia’s Cottage.

13 thoughts on “When Seasons Collide…

  1. These photographs, and the quotes together with your words are amazing. Life is so precious. I will check out your friends website. Thank you for sharing

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  2. just catching up with emails…thank you, I am honored. Season’s colliding is perfect, thank you! This dreary weather is giving me some time to catch up…I loved our Dec-Jan road trip but I need the slow days of January to put away the old and work on the new! Best wishes, sweet soul Sally Sally Smith CampCreekCreations.com Follow us on Facebook


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