6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in the South…

  1. This reminded me of a few years back when my brother-in-law was saying the Thanksgiving blessings. Thanksgiving blessings are a special thing. You want to tell everyone why and who you are thankful for but the food is going to get cold if it goes on too long. So the blessing has to be thorough but short. My cousin Sue was visiting with us, who we hadn’t seen for several years, so we were very thankful to have her join us. So John starts and is progressing well, he wants to make a point to say how thankful we are that Cousin Sue could join us. So the words went something like this. “And Lord we are so thankful that Cousin um Cousin um Oh hell Cousin What’s Her Name could join us”. Ok you aren’t supposed to laugh in the middle of a blessing but we all busted out. Come to think of it Cousin What’s Her Name hasn’t been back since then. Everytime I see her I die laughing thinking about that moment.

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    1. oh hysterical!! thanks for sharing your story! love it! I am sure the Lord forgave that little slip of sayin’ hell though your cousin Sue, may have a typically long historical memory as most Southern women do! As you know, Wallace is reluctant to ever give advice- his most famous advice applies to everything from conversation to speeches to the blessing- it is the 5 B’s- Be Brief, Brother, Be Brief ! So naturally he is the favoered person to say the blessing- but it is sooo maddening! He waits until someone ASKS him to say it- always at any meal! Then he says the most perfect one! ‘Lord, we thank you for this food and all of our many blessings, amen.’

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