Well, now that I’ve eaten too much on Thanksgiving, I Know I need to burn off some of those calories.  I thought of this post about my past experience with exercise – well, y’all will just have to read about it ! The most popular  post in Camellia’s Cottage’s short history….Instinct or Fitness! Maybe laughing burns calories! Enjoy!

Camellia's Cottage

IMG_1399I’m just going to admit it- I’m uncoordinated. I will never be good at sports or exercising. Never have been, do not aspire to it.  First of all, going to a gym without at least some color on my face- blush or lipstick -would be sort of horrifying for me. I would hate to inflictthat on anyone. I no longer buy swimsuits. I still call them bathing suits-I do not wear bathing suits so as not to inflict my aging body on the general public.  I can wear a cute cover up and have a fine old time. IMG_1398The last time I tried exercising in a group publically was in an aerobics class at my church at least 30 years ago- it was adisaster– no really, I am not kidding. The building had indoor/outdoor carpeting. I  had on a cute new outfit with socks and tennis shoes. I stood on…

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2 thoughts on “Instinct or Fitness…

    1. Well, Heri about that walking…I tripped on an uneven sidewalk head first! not pleasant for about 5 months- knee surgery, sprained arm in a brace for 12 weeks and more…:) I was never too good at cycling…However, I have an Alta Fitbit which keeps up with my steps and I have found a gentle yoga by Rodney Yee that I have been able to do without injury! thanks for stopping by!

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