jeremy-fall-18Holidays are often a source of nostalgia- as the Trees let go of their leaves- we are also letting go… some are even finding themselves in a Season of Loss. It was during just such a Season of Loss- that I began writing a Bible Study, by email of all things! A self professed tech challenged writer, I was studying and teaching from John’s Gospel, chapter 11- the account of two sisters named Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus. For a period of Four Years, I wrote; mostly for myself with my sister, then bit by bit a tight circle of trusted friends from Four Denominations within an area of Three Counties. Very few, in the study- even knew the others! I guess you could say- I wrote myself out of the Season of Loss.

Grief comes in many forms not even associated with death

  • the loss of a job, a home, a friendship, a move, a change, a hope that didn’t come through or a dream that didn’t come true. We may not even admit to ourselves that we are experiencing a Season of Loss.

We muddle through, we dawdle or we piddle- I know, I’ve been there. What started as an email Bible Study, became a published book! I still can’t explain it.  I was not only a tech challenged writer, I was terrible at promoting my own book! It was too dear, too close, too everything.. and while I believed every word I wrote- I did not believe in myself, I could not say…‘This book is great, you should read it.‘  With all of the wisdom out there, with folks far more educated than me, amid highly acclaimed writers- well, you could say I talked myself out of Book Promotion. Invariably, folks who knew that I had taught Bible Studies and who had encouraged me to write a book- also said, ‘I was hoping you would write those funny stories!’ Go figure. The book, ‘Four Days- the Lazarus Principle’ was published Four Years ago this month, in 2012. four-days-the-lazarus-principle

I’ve been writing this blog for months now and except for a few excerpts- I have yet to outright promote my own book! My first and only book led me to writing this blog. I enjoy writing the funny or inspiring stories. Yet, it seemed good to me, now- to tell you that the Holidays and just plain old Life will sometimes knock you down. There will be losses, grief and heartache among the funny stories- there will be Seasons of Loss. The strength I found in an intense Bible Study four years ago- with my sister and trusted friends helped me heal. On the back cover of ‘Four Days’- you will read this:

‘There are many lessons in this unconventional Bible study of dis-ease, unanswered prayers, loss, letting go, struggling to believe and wrestling with God. Come with me and learn the lessons from a little green worm, two devastated songwriters, the weavers of Persian carpets, even a baby chick at the county fair. Look with wonder at the last living thing removed from the devastation of the 911 World Trade Center, the ugliest building in Boston, the boat that rescued hundreds of survivors from the flood waters of Katrina and blue glass hands. Within these stories and the lives of two sisters in John 11, I hope you will find the great love of God even when you don’t understand Him.’

I hope Life is treating you kindly and you are in a Thankful, Joyful Season; that you are not in a Season of Loss-but if you are? Well, you see I wrote a book…

Love y’all, Camellia

The opening photograph is one of Jeremy Miniard’s masterpieces! find him at:

Four Days the Lazarus Principle- is found through major booksellers, including read an excerpt by following this link-

21 thoughts on “A Season of Loss…

      1. I haven’t forgot about sending you a cookbook. I just haven’t had a chance between Papaw being sick, passing away, funeral, family, and being sick…I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

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    1. oh Maria! thank you, am feeling the tears well up- I don’t know about a steady and powerful voice- if you find that anywhere, I have to believe those were the places where the Lord stepped in… you made my day brighter as always! love you!

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth, let me know what you think or learn.. Writing the book was not hard, it was a 500 page manuscript so the editing was difficult for me…to try to cut it almost in half and try to retain the lessons of it…and all of the editing was done by computer- which was difficult for me! I found out just how tech challenged I was! and then when the publisher sent the manuscript back- there were actually 3-4 rounds of edits and corrections and still in the final publish I found some things I wish I had changed… So, I mulled over how much I love to write and decided the best way to learn the technology of it and enjoy writing at the same time- I began looking into writing a blog…I know, I know- I did it all backwards! ha…also I never planned to publish it but my husband, who had not read it- for some reason wanted me to publish it! I had shared what I was learning but he had never read it! When I held the author’s copy in my hand it felt so surreal… Amazon and Barnes and Noble put it on their sites before I actually rec’d my author’s copy! very exciting! xoxo

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      1. It sounds like God nudged your husband to nudge you! And sometimes the greatest achievements are the ones we kind of back into so writing a book then starting a blog isn’t terribly odd. Well, a bit, but you’re doing great!

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  1. Yes, my husband is a wonderful man! he believed in the work more than I did! I can honestly say- I believe God was at work in it! you are so kind! I try with the blog to keep it lighthearted, inspirational and fun! you are a sweetheart!


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