Southern women are traditional, eccentric or colorful creatures; sometimes we are just one or the other- a straight up Traditional, an Eccentric, or a Colorful Southern woman-though sometimes you will run across an adorable combination of two out of three… If you’re blessed above all others- you will find that exotic Southern woman who is the delightful combination of all three!

Southern women take writing thank you notes, having impeccable manners, paying our respects and dressing appropriately seriously, with an emphasis on appropriate as in Behavior with a capital B.  The traditions of Southern Hospitality are things we won’t budge on too often. A Southern woman would have to have a very untraditional excuse to get by with it.

However, if a Southern woman can pull off a certain flair, well we might call her colorful. She’s the one who can wear a caftan when everyone else has on a cocktail dress-  the one who can go natural and still look good; or can insert very carefully an outrageous word or two. That’s Colorful.

My mother always said my grandmother had ‘radar’ or ESP- ‘You can’t pull anything over on Mimi, never could.’ was one way of putting it…Someone who had ESP or home cures or even weird dreams that could be interpreted and yes, could read minds- that Southern woman is Eccentric…She has her tonics, her potions, her keen mind, her Almanac and her ways. You don’t want to live your life without knowing all three types- or the combinations.

So, let me just say, after you have passed along all of the social graces and insisted they must be followed at all costs or the dreaded label of ‘trashy’ will follow you all the days of your life…After you have done all you can do to train up a Southern daughterthen you can add this delightful rule:

‘Always have at least one friend who’s up for anything.’

Right? Y’all know I’m right. I can hear the applause…

Love y’all, Camellia

This photo was found on am not sure of it’s origins, but I think the Cotton Candy ladies are hysterical.

9 thoughts on “Traditional, Eccentric or Colorful…

    1. Thank you! I have to admit I didn’t share the ‘rule’ until I was sure my daughters were well under way…but they did know that my side of the family falls under the last two categories! So,they’ve adapted fairly well! 🙂

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      1. Well since you raised your daughters in the south, I’m sure there may have been some instinctual understanding of the rules long before you told them. I know mine did! Lol

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    1. Thank you! Bless you in your important work ! I have found humor, the guidance rooted in our common faith and the wisdom of our Southern mothers to be a common denominator that unites us in this colorful and eccentric region ! Thanks for stopping by Reverend ! Many blessings !

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