I have an ongoing conversation with my garden. Nature speaks to me in a strange language- I see dressmaker details in flowers- I see faces in wisened old trees, I see fabrics- sheer, satin, velvet or nubby. When a stem or branch bends or twists, I see embroidery or applique.  I see elves and nymphs hiding beneath tree roots; butterflies and hummingbirds are flowers in flight-busy bees remind me of happy cooks and homemakers. Let me say it this way…I try to use words to describe things when there are no photographs; for instance-if you couldn’t see these beautiful hydrangeas– how would I describe them to you?

  • Blue Eyelet Bloomers?
  •                  Blue Flowered Bubbles?
  •                               Big Blue Pom Poms on a Green Chenille Bedspread?
  •                   Blue Clouds over an Ocean of Green?
  •  Blue Lace Lollipops on Pale Green Sticks?    or Pink Cotton Candy? or-
  •                         Orbs overlaid with blue crochet?

Hydrangeas bring on summer with the pomp and circumstance of a parade- and stay around until autumn like pale parchments as if they hate to see the season go…

They are not fickle- though they do tend to surprise me…changing in spring from pale green to blue then brighter blue or decide that they might like to wear lilac instead…

Before new hybrids- old timers would say to ‘sweeten’ them up- with lime…to get pink blooms. Just look at this pink hybrid! Reliable bright cotton candy pink blooms shamelessly flamboyant in a friend’s garden!image

And in the last few years, I’ve become enamored of these sweet lace cap hydrangeas!

A bevy of beauty whether in a bouquet or peeping through a fence- I have to admit I love hydrangeas!

I’m greedy, I always want more! So, as much as I enjoy describing hydrangeas with words-I have to share more- hoping you love them too!

Cultivating Hydrangeas is easy – great companion plants in a slightly damp, shady or dappled shade environments, under-planted with spring bulbs, hostas and Ferns…Try it!

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Love y’all, Camellia

Thank you to a fellow lover of hydrangeas and friend -Alyson, for the beautiful photos of your pink hydrangeas and the bouquet! Think you want to grow hydrangeas? Here are few resources from Amazon.com-

Hydrangeas!                 Hydrangeas

21 thoughts on “Hydrangeas!

      1. yes it is- she told me this evening that it does fade a bit but blooms that bright pink every year- the new hybrids ‘hold’ color though I think her pink one is also close to that concrete wall, which has ‘lime’ in it- so that helps a lot- we had gift hydrangeas that were bright like the pink one- there are white ones also- and there is an electric blue- very bright

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  1. I absolutely love hydrangeas, I love gardens saturated in greenery and colorful blooms! Unfortunately, I am a lousy gardener. I purchased a hydrangea and after its 2 Beautiful flowers withered away I haven’t been able to make it bloom again 😔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww don’t give up! An old gardener told me one time to try a plant you really love in 3 different spots in your garden with 3 different conditions and if they don’t work ? Then you can give up ! With hydrangeas- don’t buy ‘gift’ hydrangeas ..go to a nursery and buy the smallest size… Cheaper that way…and plant in the most moist area in your yard…thanks for stopping by!

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      1. Great advise! Thank you so much for your advise! I will surely try it! – with Hydrangeas, when would you say is the best time to plant?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. almost any shrub or woody plant does better being planted in the fall or early spring (winter) when they are concentrating on putting down roots instead of putting on flowers or leaves…does that help? that’s an all purpose rule

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