“Just look at those clouds. Sometimes Alabama just breaks my heart – it’s so pretty, it just breaks my heart into little pieces.”    Honora DeChavannes from Michael Lee West’s book- ‘Mermaids in the Basement’….  “Just look at those clouds… it’s so pretty…it breaks my heart into little pieces…” No truer words were spoken- Enjoy…


It bears repeating:  “Just look at those clouds. Sometimes Alabama just breaks my heart- it’s so pretty, it just breaks my heart into little pieces.”

‘Mermaids in the Basement’ by Michael Lee West, set in the Gulf Coast area of Alabama- is a delightful book, a great beach read!

 Alabama is heartbreakingly beautiful! She has earned the title – ‘Alabama the Beautiful’ . If you’re dreaming of a beach vacation- well, I guess you know where my heart is…

Love y’all, Camellia

Jeremy Miniard* took these photographs just last week of the Gulf Coast and Mobile Bay.

‘Mermaids in the Basement’ is available on Amazon.com

 ‘Alabama the Beautiful’ books- Amazon.com

*all rights reserved on Jeremy Miniard photographs

12 thoughts on “Alabama the Beautiful…

  1. The photos are superb. And that phrase — “heartbreakingly beautiful” — is one I’ve used, and which seems absolutely right. You’ve reminded me that a trip to the Mobile area (to Fairhope, actually) has been on my to-do list forever. Maybe this will be the year I make it happen.

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    1. that area is my #1 favorite place on earth and we’ve travelled this beautiful country to a whole lot of places! yes, my goal as a writer would be to write one ‘heartbreakingly beautiful sentence’- that one grabbed me! Stay at the Grand Hotel! still gorgeous


  2. I am an Alabama girl that now lives in Kentucky. There is no more beautiful place than Alabama, I love those sugar white beaches and all of the beauty of the mountains.


    1. I didn’t know you are an Alabama girl! aren’t the beaches the best? I tell people this- but no one really believes me until they experience it- from top to bottom- Alabama is so beautiful- am told we have more ecosystems than almost any of the states! now, I have to tell you I love Kentucky too! gorgeous, if they had beaches? well Alabama wouldn’t get so many visitors!

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      1. I always liked that Alabama was a little known secret. I am a Birmingham girl and nothing is as beautiful as Gulf Shores. We still drive down from Kentucky just to enjoy Alabama. My son lives there and it gives me a perfect excuse to return home. Kentucky is a beautiful state. I love these rolling hills and back roads that cut through horse farms. I have been fortunate to enjoy both states!

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      2. I’m a Birmingham girl too! Lived in however when it was just a wide place in the road…when we were at the beach in May …a young couple next to our beach chairs were from Kentucky, they said better than going over to the Atlantic ??? You are blessed!

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