Glorious Clouds…

‘…Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God. Do you know how the clouds are balanced and poised in the heavens, the wonderful works of Him Who is perfect knowledge?’  ‘The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The sky proclaims His Handiwork.’


Clouds- Glorious Clouds are Earth’s Icing on the Cake, Heavenly Meringues, Floating Islands- Angelic Desserts- Glorious Gifts from God which make us pause, cause us to marvel and contemplate what lies ahead. If such beauty exists here, what glories must lie beyond?  When we raise our earthbound eyes heavenward, Glorious Clouds lift our spirits and nourish our souls beyond the bounds of Earth.

‘In All Things of Nature- There is Something of the Marvelous’

This beautiful photograph of Glorious Clouds was taken from his boat, by our friend, Dow Hill, at sunrise on Lake Guntersville, Alabama. What a dramatic wondrous show of God’s Handiwork! If you find yourself Sailin’ Troubled Waters or Traipsin’ through the Glen of Gloom- Lift up your eyes and contemplate the Handiwork of God…Have a blessed Lord’s Day.

Love y’all, Camellia

* Scripture from Job 37: 14, 16 (Amplified Bible) and Psalm 19: 1 (NIV) ‘In all of Nature…’ quote is credited to Aristotle, Greek Philosopher

Alabama the Beautiful…

“Just look at those clouds. Sometimes Alabama just breaks my heart – it’s so pretty, it just breaks my heart into little pieces.”    Honora DeChavannes from Michael Lee West’s book- ‘Mermaids in the Basement’….  “Just look at those clouds… it’s so pretty…it breaks my heart into little pieces…” No truer words were spoken- Enjoy…


It bears repeating:  “Just look at those clouds. Sometimes Alabama just breaks my heart- it’s so pretty, it just breaks my heart into little pieces.”

‘Mermaids in the Basement’ by Michael Lee West, set in the Gulf Coast area of Alabama- is a delightful book, a great beach read!

 Alabama is heartbreakingly beautiful! She has earned the title – ‘Alabama the Beautiful’ . If you’re dreaming of a beach vacation- well, I guess you know where my heart is…

Love y’all, Camellia

Jeremy Miniard* took these photographs just last week of the Gulf Coast and Mobile Bay.

‘Mermaids in the Basement’ is available on

 ‘Alabama the Beautiful’ books-

*all rights reserved on Jeremy Miniard photographs