‘Camellias do what they’re not supposed to. They bloom in the dead of winter.’

I found this quote by Tom Johnson in the February 2016 issue of Southern Living entitled The Camellia man. These camellias were cut this morning at Camellia’s Cottage. A storm is threatening to come through and yet these beauties are holding their heads up high. And they have enough staying power to let me fiddle around with them long enough to make this wreath form and also to take some beauty shots.01ad0d2a675d5d570a439fee10fbb348d737e48113

Allie Mac told me that those who are true camellia lovers need to go out to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens  to the Birmingham Camellia Show February 26-28 this weekend for the annual Camellia Show. And while you’re there be sure and stop by Leaf and Petal for wonderful gifts and plants!

The weather looks like it will be perfect! If you can’t get to the gardens, get outside! Your own camellia may be blooming her fool head off and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in your neighborhood has a camellia or two! They’re in bloom right now and the  seasonal show won’t be around long. So be on the lookout!

Thanks for stopping by Camellia Cottage!

Love y’all Camellia


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