A little bird stopped by and chirped- ‘What now? What now?’ I knew he wanted me to answer the question- because that’s what a lot of business folks have been asking now that the holidays are over. I whispered to him a few things that could help you with your year end and new year businesses. New Year’s brings so many thoughts, plans, resolutions and concerns. There’s no time like Now- to coach folks through- whether it’s lifestyle changes, journal prompts, even dreams of adding on a service or two. Help your audience see that Time is their friend in this unique season. Here a few tips and at the end of this post, be sure and see my gift to you!

  • For product or gift card sellers- send messages- ‘Now’s the time to treat yourself’ – this is for gift givers who forgot to gift themselves. Large businesses are offering through the weekend of the first week of January discount gift cards…every type of business under the sun is doing this- even favorite restaurants, coaches and product based businesses!
  • Creating a short list of ‘5 Things Under $50’ is irresistible to a whole lot of buyers. For Your business? It’s moving out low or slow products post- holiday or pre-inventory. A good thing on both sides.
  • Some folks are setting goals to organize. An amazing organizer business is offering deep discounts now on one room or closet. Yet, they know lots of folks are DIY so they’ve created a low cost subscription plan to send out daily alerts or weekly prompts to get things sorted. Now? honestly I think this same idea could apply to several types of businesses.
  • Other folks want to see this new year in a new light- a fresh start for them could mean a deep soak in the tub- your bath salts could be a great first step. I hope you’re getting the idea- help them with their goals and plans with your suggestions or products.
  • If part of your stock includes one of a kind items- offer a post holiday, limited time offer on a very few uniquities- this will make room for all of your new fines in 2021. *Please resist the temptation to reveal new creations, acquisitions or new lines until after inventory. You can send out hints just remember if you sell your new stock now,  you won’t have fresh stock for upcoming events later!
  • If you do none of these things, at least do this- send out Thank You’s, you never know what will happen! @fredgretsch Twitter he told a fascinating story of a time when his wife Dina sent a young musician a thank you note in the late 1980’s for using one of their Gretsch guitars on the musician’s Cloud Nine album cover- George Harrison became a friend, famous and a faithful customer! Oh yes, never doubt the power of a Thank You Note!

Sometimes it’s the simplest idea, especially when time is running short that often turn into a magical moment for you And now, a first for us- a Free Download of some of our favorite tips for selling during January- it’s a pdf that you can download or print out. It’s loaded with information, three pages in fact!

Love y’all, Brenda

How to get it? Send me an email at brenda@camelliascottage.com and we will send it your way! Please note- this is an original tip sheet and should not be reproduced or shared without permission. We’d love for you to have your own personal ‘tip sheet’ to give you an edge on your competition!

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