I think we’re all ready for a fresh start after the holidays each year. By fresh start, I don’t mean getting rid of everything….more that I prefer to refresh, renew and repurpose what I already have, even what’s worked previously but for some reason has fallen by the wayside in the middle of … well, life. I try not to set goals that honestly set me up for failure, especially when it comes to exercise. Why? Ok, I’m not proud of the fact that I’m not athletic… one of the top posts here was written in the first year- it’s called Instinct or Fitness which regales a few of my various mishaps. Not included was a more recent splat on a sidewalk in upscale Georgetown DC. I literally tripped on an uneven sidewalk about an hour after I arrived with my family. I had made reservations for our first tour- a moonlight ride through our nation’s capitol of the iconic monuments that evening. We had to re-schedule the wonderful tour due to my less-than-graceful splat  on the sidewalk! In fact, our first tour of D.C. was in a large rescue vehicle, the EMT’s graciously let all five of us ride to the hospital! I ended up with a few stitches on my forehead, a seriously sprained arm and a torn meniscus! Once again my fall-back exercise after I finished rehab was the only exercise I’ve ever been able to actually do and that I truly enjoy- Yoga! I have literally worn out 2 yoga DVDs and protect my third one like it is gold! The DVD is from Gaiam and is called Yoga AM by Rodney Yee.

With my first knee surgery, also from an injury, I recovered full rotation of my knee and I believe due to this yoga practice. My yoga practice has been sporadic but always effective and enjoyable for almost 20 years now!

A few years ago, I also became intrigued with the health benefits of meditation, using guided courses but inserting special Scriptures when appropriate to enhance my own meditation. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 19: 14 ‘Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, oh Lord, my rock and my redeemer.’ This practice of meditation became critical to my well being when I underwent a series of radiation treatments in 2017 to shrink a non-cancerous tumor on my carotid artery. Controlled breathing combined with meditation on special scriptures enabled my anxious and claustrophobic self to not only endure but sail through the treatments with very few side effects! As it turns out, my balance had been affected by my condition which could explain the falls I had! (Finding underlying health issues is important too!) Still.  I’ll never be a great athlete. Finding exercises I will actually do is a priority– yoga is one of those! So! Imagine my delight when Gaiam, a leader in these healthy practices of yoga and meditation along with fine products shared an offer with me, that I could pass along to you! I  think yoga and meditation are great for any age- but especially for folks of…ahem… a certain age like me! It improves breathing, circulation, flexibility, posture and is uplifting and energizing. Best of all, many types of yoga are low impact and can be done in your own home, at your own pace and level of capability, no matter what age you may be.  I am thrilled to extend an offer to you for 19% off all yoga and meditation products along with free shipping on all orders over $49 from Gaiam to jumpstart your 2019 goals! I think you will find yoga and meditation require very little equipment to get started. The main thing is to find exercises you enjoy and will do, yoga, gardening or… kickboxing? I for one am grateful that a yoga DVD from Gaiam is where I began. And it’s where I’m beginning the New Year; for my health and well being will once again start with my Gaiam yoga DVD. All the best with your own fresh start in 2019!

Love y’all, Camellia

* Click through this link to get your 19% discount with Gaiam

8 thoughts on “A Fresh Start for 2019!

  1. Several years ago I fractured my knee walking in sunshine on smooth pavement. I tripped over air. I made up various stories because the truth was so unbelievable but my friends knew. Yoga has been on my list for a long time. I’d like to start at a studio to get the basics so hopefully I can do on my own. Balance is a big issue for folks of a certain age.


    1. Oh my! Thank you for sharing your story! I can only do the Yoga AM in this DVD Well…am competent in that one…it includes a Yoga PM which is a harder practice. When I started I only moved just a bit farther each time…gentle is key. I am more comfortable doing it at home or with just a friend in a home setting. I hear that ‘chair yoga’ is offered for seniors and is a good starting point as well. Let me know if you try it, it’s crazy but uncoordinated me is able to do yoga and enjoy it. 🙏💕🙏


      1. Since I do the equipment at the gym I’m beyond chair yoga but I could always use help with balance. Locally we have what I call a crazy yoga place. A good friend went there once. They help you invert upside down with hammocks. She said she was too old (60s) to risk breaking anything. We have several studios locally but it’s more expensive than a gym. Still, I’d like to give it a shot at least once. On my bucket list. Kudos to you for doing it at home. I’m very bad at doing anything at home.


      2. Yes! One of my daughters can do that inversion thing! I’d say get a friend or two and get a gentle yoga dvd and try it! Also, I joined silver sneakers- a gym neat me offers free classes, often in yoga 🧘‍♀️ you should do well, watch your cats! They are natural yogis ! I think finding something I will actually enjoy and do is key ! I agree it’s a problem, trying to age gracefully isn’t always easy! Take care sweet friend…you have an uncoordinated buddy here!


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