Mimi’s Lemon Butter Chicken

My grandmother made a warm lemony stew that she claimed would cure anything. Mimi’s Lemon Butter Chicken has been an all time family favorite for at least three generations. Cold? Flu? Sore Throat? All of these were soothed by this simple stew. Wait a minute. Nervous stomach, depression and heartache were eased as well, for all I know. What I know for sure is whether we were sick or not, Mimi’s Lemon Butter Chicken has very few ingredients and what’s amazing is that it turns out so well- Every. Single. Time. And it sure doesn’t taste like medicine! I make no claims of actual medicinal qualities beyond the obvious- we all feel better after eating it! Served simply with tiny soft yeast rolls, a mixed green salad with a creamy lemon dressing- it’s easy enough for weeknight meals yet makes a regular appearance here at Camellia’s Cottage with a simple dessert for Sunday Dinner. Here’s wishing you a healthy and happy new year.

Love y’all, Camellia

Mimi’s Lemon Butter Chicken

16 thoughts on “Mimi’s Lemon Butter Chicken…

  1. There has been a long standing joke that Jewish chicken soup is also known as Jewish penicillin. Bet Mimi’s soup falls into the same category. Home made chicken soup is soooo good.


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