4787A1F8-9129-49B8-BF47-624D03E2E22FA mere half day’s drive from my sweet home in Alabama…takes me to a different world- Vibrant New Orleans. A distinctly Southern City yet…unlike so many which are sleepily content under bearded Live Oak Trees… New Orleans pulses with life every hour of the day with:

  • Pots of Hot Oil turning out sugared Beignets served with full bodied Chicory Coffee,
  • Po’ Boys are filled to the brim with fried shrimp and more…
  • Copper Pots turn out sumptuous Pralines,
  • The clink of Silver rings in a Palace called Commander’s, where the elegant meets for slow walked cuisine.

Food on New Orleans menus isn’t like other cities- there’s Lost Bread and Callas, Angus Roulades, Etouffee, Remaloude, Chargrilled Oysters, Muffelatas and Barbeque Shrimp which isn’t barbequed at all. You may think you’ve eaten food like this- unless you’re in Vibrant New Orleans, believe me it’s a cheap imitation. EA4FCD3A-8BDC-4C48-AAC9-D1E6A2E396A2

On Jackson Square, why- there’s art hanging out like so many sheets on the line to dry… Antiques, Galleries and Fashion prance up and down long streets, Lacy Cast or Wrought Iron graces fine mansions, boutique hotels, graveyards, parks and genteel poverty…all with the backdrop of lively street music. I hate to admit it, since I’m reasonably respectable-yet honestly, the vibrant New Orleans street sounds make me just want to move with a walking rhythm that’s distinct to the Crescent City. No matter what I show or tell you, there’s no adequate way to describe Vibrant New Orleans…

  • My drawl gets more drawn out,
  • My mouth waters,
  • My state of mind shifts,
  • My heart pulses to a different beat- and no one really cares how I walk or talk at all. There’ll be time later to regain my composure. D4BE42E0-A86C-47B2-B085-6A85CE82217D

When I think of Vibrant New Orleans-it’s a Collage of the well worn beauty, the bizarre and bazaar of senses that always fills my heart. I couldn’t resist sharing these impressions of my last minute trip first.

Stay tuned for more details about Vibrant New Orleans.

Love y’all, Camellia

*We are so thankful Hurricane Nate calmed down a bit before reaching our southern shores, but are heartbroken with the damage to our neighboring countries. This continues to be a year of turbulence.

*All photographs are mine, obviously. The last photograph, the scene in a Florist’s window seemed to be a throw away but somehow when I looked again- the picture captured a distinct piece of New Orleans. I hope you like it. The unknown violinist plays like an angel right in front of St. Louis Cathedral  and among other street performers, but y’all, the art, music, food and scenery puts me in a different state of mind!

22 thoughts on “Vibrant New Orleans…

    1. One day you will! We live simply- and love to travel! though we generally take short trips and save to take family vacations… we all would love to travel to foreign countries but time constraints keep us within the US…never stop dreaming!

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      1. Yes! Great. Yes I would really love to go because I am a tap dancer and love jazz music, so if you have any special insights on music and places to watch musicians/dance, I’m particularly interested! Thank you and looking forward to reading AND appreciate the shorter posts…its the way of writing these days…

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  1. My husband and I were just talking about visiting New Orleans! He has an uncle that lives in Alabama, and we wanted to stop on the way there or back…maybe both. Hurricane season has been a bit of a problem though. May wait until February. I really liked your ‘throw-a-way’ picture!

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    1. Thank you! The most scenic drive from Alabama to New Orleans is by way of Mobile, we drive through Birmingham and on down- Mississippi is scenic- pine trees but not very many places for rest stops! But it isn’t a bad drive at all- around 6 hours or a bit more… very doable by car! When I was editing the throw away I noticed the street sign for Royal Street etc… just seemed too bizarre to throw away! Keep in mind New Orleans is chilly by the river… I love to go in April… but really anytime is a good time as long as the Saints aren’t playing! unless you’re going for that! will do a travelogue soon! xoxo

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