‘Now the Lord of peace Himself give you peace by all means. The Lord be with you all.’ Second Thessalonians 3:16


In this time of national tragedy in Las Vegas, the ongoing damage from flood waters in the U.S.Virgin Islands, and our beautiful island of Puerto Rico, our wonderful states of Texas and Florida as they continue to recover; there are also natural disasters and unrest around the world. When we observe these tragedies, it is human nature to feel a heightened sense of confusion and helplessness. It is important to find peaceful sanctuary in your faith, the verse from II Thessalonians has been a comforting companion for me, so often. I hope you will share your affirmations with me during these difficult days.

I also find peaceful sanctuary in nature, the roses have been uplifting and glorious. I find peaceful sanctuary in beautiful communal spaces, like St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans where we visited last week.

Acts of kindness no matter how small go a long way. When we extend understanding to one another, light a candle or two, share a meal, find language to calm and soothe others- we can stave off feelings of personal helplessness.

Here in this small public space we call Camellia’s Cottage -we believe in offering peaceful sanctuary whenever we can- a place of peace from the world’s upheaval.

  • We believe in promoting goodwill
  • We believe in community
  • We believe in the power of comfort food
  • We believe in lifting spirits whether by the old wise ways or gentle wit and
  • We believe in the strength of human kindness and the power of genuine prayer.

I hope you agree, it is important to find and offer peaceful sanctuary by all means humanly possible wherever you are.

Love y’all, Camellia

  • verse from KJV of the Bible
  • *photograph obviously taken by me in St. Louis Cathedral, on Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana

18 thoughts on “Finding Peaceful Sanctuary…

  1. I have been in shock all day. First the horror of three major hurricanes in rapid succession with loss of life and quality of life. That is followed by the horror of this morning in Las Vegas. Now, we learn one of the towering giants of music, Tom Petty, has been taken off life support.

    I wrote a blog post recently explaining the historical and emotional significance of a lament written by a member of our own family five hundred years ago. Flowers of the Forest was piped for my youngest son when we interred him at the National Cemetery. Our own Celtic Lassie had the sheet music, but like all pipers, she never practiced it where anyone else could hear. It is reserved for memorials. If Flowers of the Forest was ever appropriate it is now.

    A short time after the Battle of Flodden Field, a member of our own family/Highland Clan composed a lament for the centuries. This is Scottish singer Ronnie Brown singing Flowers of the Forest on Flodden Field where so many died in 1313.

    Link to my blog post explaining the historical significance. Flowers of the Forest – A short history of an historical lament, and this time it is personal.. Lyrics and sheet music are at the link.

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  2. Well said…I like Camellia’s cottage statement of beliefs peace be with you Sally Sally Smith CampCreekCreations.com Follow us on Facebook


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