IMG_3366I read with interest several articles concerning the commemoration of Princess Diana’s passing twenty years ago.  Along with that, I never get quite used to it, but here at Camellia’s Cottage, unexpected things happen. A beautiful vase of White Roses was delivered here by a prince of a young man along with a cake iced with White Cream Cheese Frosting made by his beautiful mother. It was a sweet bereavement gift. Why, I felt like royalty!

IMG_0170I’m not sure what kind of cake the People’s Princess preferred (though I bet she would have loved this one!) yet I do know that a White Garden was planted at Kensington Palace to honor Diana and included White Roses, which were purported to be her favorite flower. Can I just say here, that while we live in an humble cottage not a palace, when the heavy fragrance of white gardenias, lemony sweet magnolias and the distinct scent of honeysuckle hangs in the air, I admit I too, love white flowers! White flower gardens are beautifully mysterious. White bridal bouquets, white orchids, white cotton boll wreaths, white spring bulbs and yes, white roses- all conjure up precious memories.

IMG_3364 For the People’s Princess, millions of flowers were laid at the gates of this same palace after Diana’s tragic death, it has been reported that the fresh flowers were donated to hospitals and nursing homes, the wilted flowers were collected and saved in a special compost pile. Now, 20 years later, the compost has been used to mulch the beautifully restored sunken garden at Kensington Palace, now planted with…

  • White Roses,
  • White Lilies,
  • White Tulips,
  • White Daisies and of course
  • Forget-Me-Nots- To honor Princess Diana all year round.

When her clothing was researched it became clear the People’s Princess had a preference for White Clothing- Crisp White Blouses worn with jeans and  Evening Gowns embellished with Pearls seem to have shown off Diana’s natural beauty like no other color.

Like millions of others, I have been fascinated by her life; not only a stunning beauty who adored her children, Diana was also kind and generous in public causes and by private means. Her sons recalled midnight visits to hospitals and hundreds of private notes to folks who were infirm or dying. These were unexpected acts of kindness. I found myself thinking of the White Roses which found their way as an unexpected gift to Camellia’s Cottage on the very day of Diana’s commemoration; I thought of the time and care freely given to bake a homemade cake, the extravagant bouquet of Roses, the good thoughts expressed and the private kindnesses. IMG_3365

We had received a lovely gift, along with so many other sweet gifts, notes, cards and calls. Of all of the human characteristics I hold dear-

  • Effervescent Concern,
  • Enthusiastic Love and
  • Extravagant Kindness are above all.

When we exhibit these qualities- we best reflect the nature of the King of Kings.  I have, thankfully been the recipient of them all! I am inspired to re-double my efforts to exhibit these qualities and plan to fully enjoy Life’s unexpected gifts! As two decades have passed, the People’s Princess’ legacy lives on in a beautiful white palace garden and shows up best when we Common Folk show love, concern and kindness.

Love y’all, CamelliaIMG_3366

* All photographs of White Roses are obviously mine.

8 thoughts on “The People’s Princess…

  1. Beautiful pictures and sentiments! Hope all is well with you and my favorite finger picking guitarist from Alabama. All our love for a safe holiday weekend, Mike & Betty from Iowa 😀


    1. Thank you Betty!!! Wow, what a treat to hear from you! We didn’t make it to CAAS this year but hope to see you and our Favorite guitar picker from Iowa next year !! Everybody still loves John Deere tractors down our way! Can’t wait to hear Mikes new Gretsch! Love you both!


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