Happy Fourth of July!

There’s no doubt about it- in Alabama we love our trucks and cars- Home to the Talledega Speedway, Barber Motorsports and to Alabama Automakers-

  • Honda,
  • Mercedes Benz,
  • Hyundai and
  • Kia

The rich history of Birmingham’s US Steelworks which provided good jobs and the sheet metal to America’s famous automakers- Ford, Chevrolet and General Motors.

Alabama is also home to Goodyear and B.F. Goodrich plants which have been making tires for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up, it was considered our Patriotic Duty to buy American Made Automobiles!

Also, Alabama workers made Tires for our cars, trucks and tractors, so we wanted them too!  Talk about the Pursuit of Happiness! Owning a vehicle enabled so many to live, work and take vacations! There’s nothing like owning a vehicle to feel true Independence! Ah, the Freedom of the open road… I, for one can remember getting chill bumps just hearing Dinah Shores sing- ‘See the USA! in your Chevrolet!’

In Alabama, we not only love our trucks and cars- we tend to hang on to them a while too! So, I present to you- in mostly Red, White, Blue with a generous amount of Rust- jeremy old truck 11 field

From our Alabama the Beautiful Backroad Series-  Motor Vehicles from our own photographer extraordinaire- Jeremy Miniard! This is a just a small sampling of what he sent- don’t worry, we plan to share many more! Now, I know you want to see that Car Barn photograph again! One of my favorites! jeremy old truck 10 barn

And just to add to the excitement of all we build in Alabama- From shipbuilding in Mobile Bay, all the way up to the Saturn V rocket in Huntsville, we love to put folks in motion right here in our Sweet Home Alabama!

Love y’all, Camellia

*Photographs are the property of Jeremy Miniard and cannot be used without permission. Take a look at Jeremy photographs at

2 thoughts on “Alabama Motor Vehicles…

    1. Aren’t they amazing? It’s hard to choose a favorite yet if I had to- it would be the Red Barn… these would make such fabulous notecards… especially the blue truck, the wide red grid and the red barn. We’ve been truly blessed with Jeremy’s talents! Thank you Lisa! ❤️


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