IMG_2610Spring is a time of renewal and hope…there is nothing quite like nature to inspire us here at Camellia’s Cottage. The use of natural materials for Spring table settings, home décor and even in the garden brings the Earth’s best inspirations. As the Earth renews and indeed is resurrected, the arrival of Easter coincides. I was inspired by Easter’s proclamations…

  • ‘For the Beauty of the Earth..’
  • ‘Consider the Lilies…’
  • ‘His Eye is on the Sparrow…’ and
  • ‘For God so Loved the World..’

for our natural Easter décor here at our humble cottage. Now, we don’t believe in scavenging a real bird’s nest unless it has been abandoned for several years, however we love tucking a moss tufted nest in flower arrangements, filling a bare spot in potted plants or even a resting in a natural wreath, but the use of a Nest itself, though hand wound…brings a sweet whimsy to home and garden. We hope you will be inspired by a few of ours and try them too! We’ve used a large nest of grapevine, angel vine, mosses, twigs and well, whatever we could find to make an oversize Nest! This oversize Nest can be left in place for birds who are feathering their nests now! IMG_2611

The oversize Nest was also laid in a Bird Bath and among some Bearded Iris, down low like this- it would be fun and whimsical for an Easter Egg Hunt.

We wound wicker baskets with vine and other dried materials to make up cute Easter baskets with faux eggs and added a touch of Easter by the front door.

Twist up a big handful of angel vine- tuck it into an iron container, add natural shred around egg shaped soaps to enhance a small Easter gift or use some excelsior in a whimsical container like our White Chicken bowl.

Turn a hanging basket base over a moss nest like ours propped against a lamp base for the look of a houseplant but easy care!

All of these projects took very little time, even little hands can help scavenge for natural materials. One of our favorite real nests is also one of our most pinned photographs- we call it the Empty Nest!IMG_2284

It was found abandoned more than four years ago. Nature is like that- It gives… a reminder of Easter’s Promise… ‘For God so loved the world that He gave…’ We are so grateful for The Resurrection and the blessings of Springtime! IMG_2610

From our Nest to Yours… we wish you all a beautiful Spring and a blessed Easter!

Love y’all, Camellia

*photographs are obviously mine!

15 thoughts on “From our Nest…

  1. Your fabulous ideas prompted me to go and cut myself some anemones to put on my desk, for although it is early autumn in Australia the garden is still full of colour. Your ideas are really beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing them.

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