Snow is in the forecast- which means in Alabama we might not get a proper snowflake. We’ll look for the signs- the heavy low hanging clouds- snow clouds we call them, whether or not the ground is too warm or too dry or even too wet to stick. We’ll get in a flurry, making sure the pipes are covered, the wood is laid by for a fire, the candles are on standby and most of all we make sure we have milk and bread in the house- don’t ask me why we get these two things, but it is a boost to the local economies.

I also like to make sure there is at least a can or two of evaporated or sweetened condensed milk in the house, just in case we get to make a batch of Snow Cream. Southern Mothers pray the electricity will stay on, the pipes won’t freeze and that we can keep the little ones from tracking the snow into the house, not to mention warm and dry! The children hop from one foot to the other trying to ‘see’ when our Southern Daddies wake them up to look outside. We get so little snow here, that when we do get enough, we have to improvise makeshift sleds; one memorable sled was made from the hood of a car with a big rope attached- it might have been a prototype for the first five person sled. We’ve been known to use the lids of garbage cans, a piece of cardboard or even a small piece of lawn furniture to get the thrill of a lifetime sledding on home soil. There is nothing like getting out and making the first footsteps in new fallen snow, amid cries of ‘Oh don’t mess it up! It’s so pretty!’ SONY DSC

Our Snowmen are notoriously small and misshapen and tend to hang around for just a short spell. Yet no one can deny the awe we feel looking out the window at a fresh glistening white blanket holding delightful magical possibilities.

Alabama is a true beauty covered in snow! We may only get a few flurries, but we know that Winter is the time to dream… SONY DSC

A huge thank you to Jeremy Miniard, who once again has shared his photographic talents so generously!

Love y’all, Camellia

*All photographs are the sole property of Jeremy Miniard- visit his site at – Most of these were taken several years back but we are so glad he shared them!jeremy-winter-23

40 thoughts on “Snow…

      1. love it! the middle of a field…wonderful mental image- but you would catch me dead out there! just kidding my father in law has a farm…the possibilities are endless…now if we actually did get snow…xoxo

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      1. only 6″ ?? lord, I like to have died here with less than 2″ 🙂 and it is still on the ground which almost never happens! And to beat all, we are supposed to have temps in the 70’s this week! crazy! xoxo

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  1. Having been stuck in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin all my life, I usually consider snow a mortal enemy – but your photos show the white menace can be strikingly beautiful, too.

    Next time you’re afforded a bit of frosting, try an old inner-tube for your sled. You get sliding and bouncing and (sometimes) spinning in one action-packed race down the hill 😀

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    1. I know! We barely have dump trucks to spread salt on the main roads in the South! they keep sayin’ we’re gonna have a storm…but we usually get an milder version where I am – in Central Alabama- thanks for stopping by!


  2. I would send you a boxcar full of snow if I could. We haven’t has anything but a dusting yet but “they” are talking about an inch overnight and then more on Sunday. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my trip for coffee!

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  3. Truly beautiful photography. I know the ‘Oh don’t mess it up! It’s so pretty!’ line so very well. It’s already 4 p.m. in the Huntsville, Alabama area, but I don’t think we’re going to get anything. But there’s always hope! 🙂

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    1. Hello darlin’- love Huntsville, we have a family member who lives up your way! The temperature is dropping and we’ve had some icy sleet but no snow! Jeremy is so generous to let me use his photographs of Alabama! I hope folks will see how beautiful we are! thank you truly for stopping by! I love to find Alabama bloggers! keep in touch! and yes there is always hope! xoxo


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