75BEC44E-B2E7-4316-ABFA-802C59978E7FAlabama is a beautiful and unique state- we have mountains, rivers, lakes- all the way down to the most beautiful beaches and bays you can imagine! In the Fall, folks like to take a Sunday drive to see the colorful displays of autumn beauty or stay beside one of our Lakes, hike through the woods to see a Waterfall or stop at a Roadside Stand. When Mother Nature shows out and throws down carpets of gold, green and red and happily reaches her arms up to the sky with brightly colored leaves– it’s breathtaking when we have a beautiful Fall, y’all! Let’s get going on our Road Trip- through the Backroads of Alabama…

Off we go!

Let’s get over to the Rivers and Streams…

And take a look at these close ups!

And stop at a road side stand…jeremy-fall-30-marketYou can almost hear the singin’…. ‘For the Beauty of the Earth…’ ringing out from the churches!jeremy-fall-27-church


How thankful we are for the enormous talents of Jeremy Miniard and his generosity in sharing these beautiful photographs of Alabama the Beautiful! Enjoy!

Love y’all, Camellia

find Jeremy at jeremy-miniard.fineartamerica.com

photographs may not be reproduced without express permission from Jeremy!jeremy-fall-26

34 thoughts on “Alabama Backroads Beauty…

  1. Thank you for posting these pictures. I use to live on the east coast and I miss the autumn colors. Your pictures have brought me home again, if only in my memories.

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  2. First thank you for stopping by one of my sites and reading my blog about porches, second I want to tell you how much I love you blog on Alabama back roads I used to live in Dothan and I can tell you that Alabama does indeed have some great and some pretty places but I believe Jeremy has found even places I haven’t found there. I know Jeremy’s work from fineamericaart cause I have stuff there too so I know he has a good rep and I love both his pics and your blogs together great job. Thank you again. I am going to be following you so I can read more of your work.


    1. Thank you so much! I have sent your remarks to Jeremy, I know he will appreciate your kind words, he is a fine young man- and we are truly blessed that he shares his work with Camellia’s Cottage! Yes, Alabama is a beautiful place- I think a many of these pics come from around Mount Cheaha. You are so kind to follow! Your blog post about porches was delightful!

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  3. Reblogged this on Camellia's Cottage and commented:

    Couldnโ€™t resist sharing Jeremy Miniardโ€™s Autumn photographic talent! He is our award winning photographer, who helped us get going in such a beautiful way! Alabama is a real beauty every season, when we have a cool crisp fall, itโ€™s stunning! Now that the weather has cooled off, itโ€™s making me believe itโ€™s Fall, yโ€™all! Enjoy!


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