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As we were driving a lovely backroad from Nashville we heard more bad news- again from Baton Rouge. Bad reports, bloodshed and heartaches put a bruise on the soul. We had just spent five days immersed in some of the most amazing music- music that was pure and lovely. You cannot imagine what good, hours of music will do to your soul. As I heard reports of more violence, more deaths- ‘How can I keep some of the music in my mind?’ Portions of a Bible verse kept coming and going…from Phillipians 4:8

‘…whatsoever things are pure…whatsoever things are lovely…think on these things.’

 Tommy Emmanuel, who is quite possibly the greatest living guitarist- played four days throughout the Chet Atkins event we attended. His energy, his love of life come through his guitar and his winning smile…We spoke with him briefly- it is obvious that he thinks on lovely things! He ends his concerts with this-

‘It’s never too late- to live happily ever after.’

This song, was written by Harold Arlen, for the film-‘The Wizard of Oz’. In the 1970’s it was played beautifully by Chet Atkins. Arranged and adapted by Tommy Emmanuel, this beautiful version- also helps me ‘think on pure and lovely things’.

It is not a short piece- however, if your mind is sore from nonstop bad news, perhaps you will take a few minutes to listen as …‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is played by Tommy Emmanuel, and ‘think on pure and lovely things’ then feel in your heart- it’s never too late to live happily ever after’.

Love y’all, Camellia


22 thoughts on “Think on these things…

    1. Thank you so much Vicki! Tommy Emmanuel’s energy is amazing- and he wasn’t just a stage performer- he sat with small group of guitarists and played with them…inspiring…listen carefully and at the end you can hear the ‘birds’ flying over the rainbow! yet so many more were wonderful as well…it helped my soul I can tell you!


      1. I agree, I like classically played strings…Chet Atkins’ style has a classical feel to it even though he was classified ‘country’- these ladies are more like ‘orchestra’ and did backup arrangements for the musicians- they have a new cd- we bought very few, but did buy theirs

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      2. It does. My other daughter plays the piano and son plays guitar. Now my grandchildren all play one instrument or another.. I love it for them. I play the radio. 🙂


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