This is one of my favorite ‘Southern Daddy’ photos- the man is not the daddy, he is the great uncle admiring his great niece! This child is dearly loved, has wonderful parents and all manner of loving kinfolk . The reason I love this photograph is- the man’s expression tickles me…the way he is holding the child makes me smile. There are  all kinds of Southern Daddies… fathers, uncles, grandfathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, and ‘friends who are the fathers we choose for ourselves’ – men who choose to step in when other men can’t or won’t.  On Father’s Day, it is important to recognize that everyone does not have a father- a birth father, who chose to be involved and be a good influence in the life of a child.

The man you see in the photo- presided over 1000’s of adoptions in his tenure as Judge of Probate. The old name was ‘The Court for Widows and Orphans’. As duty after duty was added- the scope of Probate Court broadened to include all types of services- help for the mentally infirm, the elderly, marriages, guardianships, counselling unwed mothers and fathers, land disputes, elections and far more. But for this man- adoptions were a priority. He said with so many sad things which came through the court- adoptions were some of the happiest times.

So, on Father’s Day, I wanted to pay tribute to the men who stepped up, who showed up, who made time, who gave their lives to us all – when we were helpless, when we needed them- those brave men who took care of, provided for, listened, guided and protected us when we could not help ourselves and even now. To the men who gave us a glimpse of the Personality of Our Heavenly Father; who were role models for generations of children. They may not have achieved perfection, but met our needs in the best way they could; to these significant men in our lives- who coached and cojoled, teased and took us seriously; Happy Father’s Day!

Love y’all so much, Camellia

*Camellia’s Cottage-resident baby magnet and the ‘man’ is my husband- Wallace Wyatt, Jr., retired Judge of Probate St. Clair County, Alabama -1988-2008. (Full name is William Wallace Wyatt, Jr.- also our resident ‘Braveheart’)- for more information see Wallace Wyatt, Jr. Honored

Ask me if he is a good daddy? Oh yes! My yes! I’m sure our daughters would agree!

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  1. Brenda: your voice and semantics and joyful and lyrical storytelling are colorful, thoughtful and really funny. You’re just approaching your groove, Doll. This Daddy story is very good. Not a dishonest thought, word or feeling in it. You’re a great writer. Think like one. Get used to it. Plus, I think you have a lifetime of material to pull from. They (your gentle readers) ain’t heard nothing yet.

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  2. Reblogged this on Camellia's Cottage and commented:

    I couldn’t resist passing this along again! Now, I know there are some wonderful fathers and others who have taken the time to be wonderful role models for our children! Would love to hear about them! You’ve got to know by now, I love a good story! Wishing all the significant men in our lives a very Happy Father’s Day! Love y’all, Camellia

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  3. Father’s day is unbelievably hard at my house. I am looking at three tri-folded flags on the mantel and bookcase. Sometimes my eyes leak memories.

    I always tried to be the best father I could. Even so, I know I was lacking in many respects. But, I did my best.

    My youngest, the Celtic Lassie, said this on May 22, 2015, three days before she crossed the mysterious veil,

    Everyone needs family
    Everyone needs a hug
    Everyone needs something
    Nobody should die alone
    Everyone needs someone to catch them

    Me – Do you feel alone?]

    Not any more.
    I am not going alone, and that’s the truth.
    My time is not done yet.
    I got more to give.

    Me – You have given an awful lot, more than you know.]

    Not enough.
    I go the distance.
    I am not a quitter.
    I am not a quitter.
    I will walk again wherever it is.

    [Holding Cross grasped in her left fist, her left arm shot straight up.
    Drawing on reserves from deep inside, she began speaking with a strong clear voice]

    To the women of the world
    Try the best
    I love you mom
    Put your arms around your perfect girl and boy
    Love them
    Tell them how perfect they are
    One day you might not have them.


    She was 26 years old.

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