Sunday Inspiration

Bless O Lord, those who serve us, who dedicate their lives, quietly keeping us safe and secure. Bless the teachers, janitors and lunchroom ladies who labor with love among our children -often unappreciated and dishonored. Bless those who work in shops, restaurants and hotels -bless the patient staff and clerks who are criticized and mistreated by a thoughtless complaining public. Bless the bus, taxi and truck drivers; all who are responsible for our transportation, who silently usher us through this lovely land – pilots and stewards who are our friends in the deep blue skies- toiling for our comfort, while others sleep.

Lord Jesus, bless the cooks, the waitresses, the public servants who listen day in and day out to people who lose their tempers and show bad manners. Bless those who put their own lives and comfort on hold for the greater good of mankind- the coal miners, farmers, fishermen, butchers and bakers – because of these and others we enjoy the abundant life on earth. Bless the homemakers, the babysitters, gardeners, postmen, garbage men who minister in homes where the tired owners return for sanctuary. Bless our earthly guardians- the police, firefighters and emergency personnel who risk their lives for those who must never take these brave souls for granted. Bless the noble company in white- the doctors, nurses, caregivers and nutritionists-may their hands show the love and mercy of God.

We are grateful for those who travel through bad weather, enduring long lonesome hours- sometimes over oceans and into foreign countries- assessing our weather, our risks, and the affairs of mankind; these must never be forgotten – our military and civilians in foreign service; they serve so that we may peacefully sleep- knowing their watchfulness is imperative as we enjoy the benefits of this great land.

And finally, our precious Savior- bless those who are with us in the hours of greatest human need- our pastors, hospice and funeral directors- may they enter into the joy of partnership with You. May our faith have feet and hands, kind voices and gentle hearts which choose everyday to minister to those who serve us, so that the gospel we profess shines forth on our faces and is made known in our lives as we seek to obey Your Will – to love one another as You have loved each of us. Amen.

Have a blessed Lord’s Day- be sweet to each other this week. Love y’all, Camellia

Opening photograph Jermy Miniard, used by permission. All photographs cannot be reproduced without permission.

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