clock-691143_640Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday March 13, 2016! So- ‘Spring Forward’- one hour before you go to bed Saturday night, unless you want to stay up until 2 a.m. Sunday morning!

Daylight Savings Time may not be all that good for us, the British thought it would be good for getting sunshine and fresh air after a workday, now they’re tellin’ us that losing an hour of sleep may be damaging our health. It’s hard to believe that Daylight Savings Time wasn’t widely used in the United States until 1967, when Congress passed a law allowing it- most states including Alabama adopted it then. An Alabama legislator once introduced a bill to stay on Daylight Savings Time year round. It never passed. I’m glad.

You know, we’ve tried going to bed earlier and getting up earlier for a few days running, that doesn’t really work… though why I’m not sure. Folks like farmers don’t even need to change time since they work from sunup to sundown anyway the chickens don’t get up any early, the rooster crows at the same time, the dew on the cotton doesn’t dry any earlier. Some states like Arizona don’t even change time- except for the part of the state owned by an Native American Indian tribe out there- which got me thinking…do the Indians know something we don’t? Well whatever it is they need to share  it. Hawaii doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time, now that should tell us something…they just stay on ‘island time’- a good place to be. One commentator said that for almost 50 years we’ve been changing time in this country mostly out of habit not for any real solid reason. Some folks love it ~ I’d love to hear why. (Here’s where you can scroll down and leave a comment- just make sure it’s something your momma could read.)

Personally? I’m going to try to get up on time, drink a cup of coffee, get some fresh air and start thinking about Spring~ maybe a road trip, sprucing up the house, staying on the lookout for bunny rabbits and being thankful for the glory of Easter… Truth be told I could do all of those things without ‘springing forward’ and really  I’d rather keep that extra hour and stay on ‘old time’.

Love y’all, Camellia



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