cropped-2016-02-21-19-27-181.jpg   Whew! Who knew there was so much work to do building a blog!

 Adding buttons and widgets isn’t sewing. Formatting, drafting, tagging and downloading  isn’t manual labor. Cutting and pasting is not crafting! Cropping and dropping sure isn’t working on a cotton farm with a chicken coop!What about that dashboard? We thought a dashboard was in a car. If you lost something the answer to ‘have you seen my…’ was always… ‘look on the dash‘! When we’ve lost something working on this blog- there’s no use looking on the dashboard, it’s somewhere in cyberspace.

 We’ve worked with a group of ‘monkeys‘ from Mail Chimp, their information says they are a ‘rocket science‘ group. We found out quick that Mail Chimps  aren’t the space monkeys who worked for NASA in Huntsville Alabama…  and you ain’t gonna believe this~  those cyberspace Mail Chimps had the nerve to ask if we were robots before they let us sign up! Now they want me to sign up for Mail Chimp Training Camp…really? Talk about code? I almost had a heart attack over that! WordPress started beep beep boop-ing!

If anyone ever tells you it’s not rocket science to set up a blog, don’t believe it, darlin’. We are so thankful to the folks at WordPress and the Mail Chimp Rocket Scientists who know all this stuff and for helping us set up something called a ‘pop-up‘ so folks can sign up for our newsletter.

We’d hate to think all this work was for nothin’ ~so please sign up! We won’t ask for your height, weight, shoe size, how long you’ve been dyein’ your hair or where you got those redbug bites  ~  just put your email address in the pop up and the newsletter will come straight to your inbox then lead you right back to Camellia’s Cottage!

Sounds good~ sort of like – ‘we’re going home‘ ~ ‘we might pop in sometime‘ or ‘we saw the sign up’ and ‘thought we’d drop by’ …Leave a comment, let us know how we’re doin’ but  for heaven’s sakes if you have any suggestions, please tell us how to do it – we don’t want to get those crazy chimps involved unless we have to!

Stop by anytime. We’ll leave the light on…. Love y’all! Camellia

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