We’re workin’ on it…

cropped-2016-02-21-19-27-181.jpg   Whew! Who knew there was so much work to do building a blog!

 Adding buttons and widgets isn’t sewing. Formatting, drafting, tagging and downloading  isn’t manual labor. Cutting and pasting is not crafting! Cropping and dropping sure isn’t working on a cotton farm with a chicken coop!What about that dashboard? We thought a dashboard was in a car. If you lost something the answer to ‘have you seen my…’ was always… ‘look on the dash‘! When we’ve lost something working on this blog- there’s no use looking on the dashboard, it’s somewhere in cyberspace.

 We’ve worked with a group of ‘monkeys‘ from Mail Chimp, their information says they are a ‘rocket science‘ group. We found out quick that Mail Chimps  aren’t the space monkeys who worked for NASA in Huntsville Alabama…  and you ain’t gonna believe this~  those cyberspace Mail Chimps had the nerve to ask if we were robots before they let us sign up! Now they want me to sign up for Mail Chimp Training Camp…really? Talk about code? I almost had a heart attack over that! WordPress started beep beep boop-ing!

If anyone ever tells you it’s not rocket science to set up a blog, don’t believe it, darlin’. We are so thankful to the folks at WordPress and the Mail Chimp Rocket Scientists who know all this stuff and for helping us set up something called a ‘pop-up‘ so folks can sign up for our newsletter.

We’d hate to think all this work was for nothin’ ~so please sign up! We won’t ask for your height, weight, shoe size, how long you’ve been dyein’ your hair or where you got those redbug bites  ~  just put your email address in the pop up and the newsletter will come straight to your inbox then lead you right back to Camellia’s Cottage!

Sounds good~ sort of like – ‘we’re going home‘ ~ ‘we might pop in sometime‘ or ‘we saw the sign up’ and ‘thought we’d drop by’ …Leave a comment, let us know how we’re doin’ but  for heaven’s sakes if you have any suggestions, please tell us how to do it – we don’t want to get those crazy chimps involved unless we have to!

Stop by anytime. We’ll leave the light on…. Love y’all! Camellia

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These things are fun…


If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”  by Dr. Seuss

Wednesday March 2 is Dr. Seuss Day – a day designated for Read Across America.  If you love to read to children, find a school and ask a teacher if you can read! I’m already signed up! If you can’t do that, read a book for the child in you!

Spring Break is coming soon and so is Allie Mac, our Camellia’s Cottage friend who always has fun things to recommend. She will be recommending places from North Alabama all the way down to the Gulf Coast on her very own page!

To get you started this week are free public domain images from Bing images to download as postcards or notecards. We love the vintage look to them!

Have a great ‘leap day’, plan to celebrate Read Across America and start daydreaming about a road trip or spring break right here in Alabama the Beautiful!

Love y’all, Camellia

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Camellia’s Cottage


 ‘Camellias do what they’re not supposed to. They bloom in the dead of winter.’

I found this quote by Tom Johnson in the February 2016 issue of Southern Living entitled The Camellia man. These camellias were cut this morning at Camellia’s Cottage. A storm is threatening to come through and yet these beauties are holding their heads up high. And they have enough staying power to let me fiddle around with them long enough to make this wreath form and also to take some beauty shots.01ad0d2a675d5d570a439fee10fbb348d737e48113

Allie Mac told me that those who are true camellia lovers need to go out to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens  to the Birmingham Camellia Show February 26-28 this weekend for the annual Camellia Show. And while you’re there be sure and stop by Leaf and Petal for wonderful gifts and plants!

The weather looks like it will be perfect! If you can’t get to the gardens, get outside! Your own camellia may be blooming her fool head off and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in your neighborhood has a camellia or two! They’re in bloom right now and the  seasonal show won’t be around long. So be on the lookout!

Thanks for stopping by Camellia Cottage!

Love y’all Camellia


Camellia’s Cottage

A Letter from Camellia


Camellia 1-second tryHi, my name is Camellia, a fictional character who is an Alabama girl born and bred. Brenda Wyatt created me as a composite of the finest ladies from her home state who will share good things about life in the south.  Alabama is a place where we love our folks, our friends, our homes, humor and hospitality. My name comes from the state flower, the Camellia. You might call it a shrub, but if you live here you either call it a bush or just say- ‘Would you look at that Camellia’. Like Brenda told me, ‘Darlin’ your name is gonna be Camellia; it’s the epitome of a southern lady- but like me, it blooms in the dead of winter’. Shh…don’t tell it- Brenda is of a ‘certain age’, but she’s decided to flourish later in life and learn some technology! At some point I hope to introduce you to my fictional friend (what other kind would I have?) named Allie Mac, a play on Camellia spelled backwards. Allie Mac long hair second tryBrenda was conflicted as to which character would be the main one. Thank the Lord, I’m the one who won out, Allie Mac is always telling me I need to update and I’m the one telling her we need to do things like we’ve always done.  That’s how things are in Alabama- embracing the future and hangin’ on to what’s good about our upbringing. We were taught to write a thank you note, not an email or a post on social media but a real thank you note on real paper written with a real pen, put in an envelope with a real stamp from the US Post Office. It’s just the right thing to do.

At Camellia’s Cottage we have lots of things to inspire you to love your life and your home. I hope you’ll get out and do some gardening, even if you’re covered with redbug bites! Enjoy nature, sit on the screened porch with a glass of iced tea, read a good book or teach the kids how to catch lightnin’ bugs!

Learn how to make a real pone of cornbread, decorate some tea sandwiches, bake a pound cake for a shut in…and for heaven’s sake – make Sunday dinner every now and then!

If you like to travel- in Alabama, the beach is just a day trip away! Orange Beach or Gulf Shores is right on the Gulf of Mexico! Just look at how pretty it is! (photos below). There’s also the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville or even the Birmingham Zoo. We also love to travel outside of Alabama and we’ll be sharing our travels with you!

When you get back home, slow down and listen to the cricket songs and junebugs buzzin’; say your prayers, listen to some country, soul or gospel music and for goodness sakes darlin’ at least once in a while- laugh your sides off at a story that always starts with ‘you ain’t gonna believe this…’

Welcome to Camellia’s Cottage in my sweet home, Alabama. Thanks for stopping by.

Love y’all!  Camellia


This blog is updated from our very first blog post in honor of making our 50th post this week! Thanks to Word Press for helping us create this blog and continue to inspire us to do it better!

http://www.cityoforangebeach.com / http://www.rocketcity.com / http://www.birminghamzoo.com all other photographs are obviously mine!