One of our most popular snack recipes ever- Spicy Sweet Snack Crackers are perfect for any and all gatherings- from Tailgating to after school snacks and even treating the folks who’re answering the door to Trick or Treaters! These easy snack crackers are a hit any time but especially in the Fall, y’all. Stay tuned too- we’ve been on a Fall Break- but will have a new and… well, you’ll just and have to wait and see what we’ve been up to here at Camellia’s Cottage- in the meantime…here’s a quick, easy and delicious snack!

Camellia's Cottage

IMG_3290In the South, we’re known for hospitality, especially for our ability to offer pickup foods at a moment’s notice. ‘Y’all come over, no- we’re just having pickup foods’ … It could be as simple as parched peanuts…or quickly toasting some buttery salted pecans, even  pulling some cheese straws from the freezer and baking them off to put in a little silver bowl.  I have to admit having a little snack greatly improves conversation! We tend to keep a box or bag of a favorite cookie or cracker, but we do have our standards! The best is a little 1 inch square cheese cracker we’ve all been eating, all across this country since the 1920’s! It’s dangerous for me to be in the vicinity of a bright red box of Cheez-its®! IMG_3287

The all time favorite snack cracker of my lifetime- Cheez-its®, to my way of thinking can hardly be improved upon; now, with so many different flavors…

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