We’ve had a good crop of tomatoes this year…and we’ve eaten more than our share of the most southern of all sandwiches…the Tomato Sandwich. I was reminded of this piece written back in 2016. My favorite line will always be – ‘the closer you live to a tomato vine, the better your life will be’ …hope y’all enjoy reading about Tomato Sandwiches , better yet I hope your summer includes some homegrown or farmers market tomatoes!

Camellia's Cottage


Summer tomatoes are a delicacy. The closer you live to a tomato vine the better your life will be. There is nothing like the smell of a warm tomato on the vine, nothing. Here at Camellia’s Cottage-we not only hire a pet sitter, we hire someone to water our tomatoes if we’re gone on vacation!  We’ve even been known to bribe folks with tomatoes…‘If you’ll come by andpick up the mail, you can pick some tomatoes.’ Works every time.  We wait on the tomatoes , fret over them- we check on them, often. When we talk tomatoes- we say morbid things like –

  • ‘I think my tomatoes have blossom end rot’
  • ‘Well, the hornworms are going to get to the tomatoes.’
  • ‘I think a possum uprooted the tomato plants.’
  • ‘The birds are going to get all of the tomatoes if you don’t get them first.’
  • ‘This is the last year I’m going…

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