SONY DSCI always feel that Barns are like ladies- Caretakers of Domestication…

Some are Well Maintained-

Or Run down and Lonesome…

Some are Stunning Beauties,

Some are Serene- barn jeremy 28

Some are Falling Apart-

Some are Showing Signs of Wear and Tear, Some have Weathered Storms, a Tornado or Two…

Others are  Aging Gracefully, Silvered and Gray….

barn jeremy 8When I see a Barn…  If she’d tell me her Life Story-SONY DSC

I’d listen all day.

Love y’all, Camellia

*It’s always a good time for a Road Trip along the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of life…SONY DSC

I hope you enjoy these outstanding photographs from Jeremy Miniard’s Backroads of Alabama…the beautiful Barns of Alabama. Photographs are the sole property of Jeremy – find him at


15 thoughts on “Barns of Alabama…

  1. When I was an undergraduate student many years ago, I took an elective mixed media art class. One day the assignment was to find “something ugly” and draw it. Several of us descended on a ramshackle old barn near the campus. That day, the old barn was immortalized from several angles in everything from crayon and pastels, to oils. It has long since collapsed and the remains hauled away for a housing development. F

    Frankly, I would take that rustic old barn with all its history, over the rows of “ticky tacky little boxes” any day.

    Old barns can live on. I have more than three hundred board feet of 200-year-old Black Cherry boards in a stack out back. That lumber came from a barn in upstate New York, built in the late 1700s. That Black Cherry wood will end up as dulcimers, Weissenborn guitars, fiddles, and jewelry boxes. And possibly a few cremation urns.

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