If you can find a local radio station on your road trips this summer, please tune in.. I just had to share this one with you again!

Camellia's Cottage

We’ve been travelling in the month of May! On road trips, I amuse myself by looking out the window and commenting on the sights. My husband adjusts the radio depending on what he wants to hear of my commentary. This  road trip, back home from Orange Beach, I asked him to turn up the radio volume on a Swap Shop broadcast. The reception wasn’t that great- but the enthusiasm of the female broadcaster made up for it. Rural radio stations have been known to be attached to a private home- As far as I know she could have been in her slippers with curlers in her hair- broadcasting live…

‘Well, Good Morning everybody, Bennie and I are broadcasting from Atmore, Alabama! It sure has been a downpour this morning, hope you’re stayin’ dry -take an umbrella with you if you get out in this! Ok, let’s get started – first we’d like to…

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