Like many of you, I start the New Year with resolutions to eat right, exercise and more…however, I also reflect on how I might improve in other ways- it always helps to go back to basics- to the Foundations laid by generations of others who got it right more times than not- so for your inspiration and mine I share with you from last summer- the blog post Foundations…Love y’all, Camellia

Camellia's Cottage

women in girdles

There was a time when language was carefully and kindly spoken- where even women’s undergarments were called foundations. The vintage photograph shows women of all shapes and sizes beautifully.  Women who were statuesque were admired. I personally think that Margaret Mitchell contributed to this admiration when she had Scarlett say- ‘I’ll never go hungry again!’ The great equalizer after the War between the States was that all Southerners were poor. Struggling through Reconstruction, some held on to their dignity, some got just plain mean, some had never known anything else but being poor- scraping out a living from red clay soil, while the Yankees were in the process of re-building us. Scarlett O’Hara decided to work with the Carpetbaggers, Scalawags and Yankees, and like it or not- she did succeed in never being hungry again.  Southerners developed a distaste for Yankees. My grandmother said it best- ‘I know why…

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2 thoughts on “Foundations…

  1. LOVE the photo. In all the discussions of “body image” this one is the most liberating – and from a time when the term “feminism” wasn’t in the lexicon. I wish all pre-teen girls could see and appreciate this photo – all shapes and sizes (and ages) just out there.

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    1. Thank you Jane! you are right- all shapes and sizes- I worked as a ‘wardrober’ and personal shopper for many years- what I found was startling…even the most petite size 0 worried about her shape! but more than that- it is a good thing to be kind, generous and bighearted- food is a language which can be overdone but also abundant and satisfying….there! preaching done! thanks for stopping by! xoxo


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