candlelight-vigil-2016-scottie-vickeryIt is a Time to Mourn when hearts are broken. In the last few weeks, folks we love have died, Hurricanes have taken the lives of those on our American soil and hundreds have died in Haiti. It is a Time to Mourn. A Candlelight Vigil was held in our county to honor those who lost their lives at the hands of someone who had said ‘I love you’ but whose anger went unchecked in domestic abuse and violence. It is a Time to Mourn. Two notable Alabamians, our friend Lucy Baxley, former Lieutenant Governor of Alabama and Mary Jo McMichael, the friend of Fanny Flagg- Mary Jo fried green tomatoes for decades at the Irondale Café.   It is a Time to Mourn as wise King Solomon told us in Ecclesiastes 3:4. It seemed appropriate to show respect and honor for these who have left us- with the beautiful hymn, ‘Nearer My God to Thee’- performed by Andre Rieu’s amazing musicians. Please pay particular attention to how the musicians surround the audience. If you have lost a loved one recently, we honor your loss and mourn with you. We pray that you are surrounded by the loving Presence of God. Love y’all, Camellia

Photograph of Candlelight Vigil by Scottie Vickery, Communication Director of YWCA of Central Alabama – also *please note that yesterday, October 15 was a day for remembrance of Pregnancy and Infant Loss



13 thoughts on “A Time to Mourn…

    1. Thank you Divya, I hope you agree that when the losses begin to pile up- it is time to truly mourn…music is a soothing way to walk through grief and acknowledging loss and grief are important- love you sweet friend- thanks for stopping by

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      1. Please accept my sympathy in this very difficult time of heartache…Andre Rieu’s rendition of Nearer My God to Thee is so beautiful. The song has special meaning to my husband. Any comfort you may have rec’d from my humble post means the world to me. Blessings to you, truly.

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  1. My wife, Lyn Crain, survived a violent first marriage and just wrote a book of poems on her experience and the emotions involved, which is out on Amazon. We just heard that the book got into the hands of an abuse victim, who found the courage to leave her abuser. There’s nothing so satisfying as being able to help someone in need.

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    1. How inspiring- please add the name of Lyn’s book to the comment section here- and if y’all will visit the YWCA website- go to contact- and tell your story- We want to do all we can to encourage women that help is available- Hope is the very best thing we can offer someone in this situation. I personally carry several copies of the name and number of our local hotline and shelter if I ever sense something is wrong… I am just one, but together I do believe we can help save lives! Thank you so very much for adding to the conversation. Please tell your wife how thankful I personally am to her, for her bravery, for her words put to paper and to you for helping her re-build her life! xoxo to you both!


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