aa200-april-battle-09-23103October seems like a good time for black and white photographs. I love them  all year round-but the crisp fall air makes these black and whites seem hauntingly beautiful for the month of October when little Trick or Treaters will no doubt be making the neighborhood rounds.  Of course, we have the very talented Jeremy Miniard to thank for them! From fine to humble to downright rundown– I give you- Alabama Porches!

Creakin’, rundown, peelin’ paint, faded glory- bless her heart! Alabama’s still beautiful! We know her faults and love her still. No matter what state we find ourselves in- Our sweet home is Alabama, we know where our heart is and will always find a way back to the Porches of Alabama.

Love y’all, Camellia

Thank you Jeremy Miniard!! We love you, God loves you and Alabama loves you! http://www.jeremy-miniard.fineartamerica.com

17 thoughts on “Alabama Porches…

    1. How interesting!! Jeremy sent me so many beautiful porches, some in ‘living color’ and these…just had to use them! The screen porch from the last post is here- we had to redo the porch – seemed to take forever and it is not large, last spring/summer. Damp and humidity etc not to mention age…ha!

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    1. Jeremy is an amazing photographer, he captures Backroads Alabama in an amazing way ! We are very blessed to have him ! I think too black and white pictures pull out images and emotions we may not see in color pics ! Thanks for stopping by, truly ! Pics are sort of eerie !

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